Collaborative building of genetic design.

The complexity in biological systems has made genetic circuit design difficult for individuals. Without co-development and an open, proof-of-principle engineering platform, it is hard for synthetic biologists to manage this complexity. To address this problem, we developed Crowdsourcing Open Redesign Engine (CORE), an open and extensible software that allows users to design, share and cooperate in synthetic biology. CORE mainly consists of two closely interconnected modules. One is the "Synbio Hub". It helps users design and redesign, share and reuse previous projects according to the principle of modularized design. The other one is the CORE Design module embedded in the platform, which promotes genetic circuit design and assists wet-lab practices through protocol management and experiment schedule. Besides, a novel numerical simulation in CORE Design can predict the behaviour of genentic circuit, which was validated by our self-designed wetlab experiments.In conclusion, the combination of a crowdsourcing platform and a novel design module makes complex design more accessible to synthetic biologists.

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