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The University of Sydney iGEM team is forever indebted to numerous people for their contribution, support, and wisdom in our project.

First and foremost, we must thank our wonderful supervisor, Dr Nicholas Coleman for his tireless advice and guidance. From answering hundreds of emails at all hours of the night to keeping calm and carrying on when eight continuous PCRs failed, his support and direction has been phenomenal. Additionally, as the only Sydney academic actively engaged with the iGEM competition, without his supervision it is likely the Sydney iGEM team would have degraded after the first year. For this, all Sydney iGEMers - past, present and future are grateful.

A special thank you to Elissa Liew our advisor who helped our team navigate the lab and for always keeping one eye on us to ensure we did not make any mistakes.

To all past Sydney iGEMers from 2013 and 2014 for their advice and assurance when things went wrong. In particular to Robbie Oppenheimer, the founder of iGEM at Sydney University for his help with Strange Nature and for continuing to promote iGEM across Australia. Additionally, to Abi and Andy from the 2014 team for organising our team and sharing a lab bench.

Thanks to Dr Sandro Ataide and Professor Joel Mackay for your expert advice on modelling.

In terms of financial support, thank you to Profressor Trevor Hambley (Dean of the Faculty of Science), Professor Ian Campbell (Head of the School of Molecular Bioscience), and the Deputy Vice-Chancellor for Research. Additionally, thank you to Diagnostic Technology and New England Biolabs for providing essential equipment. Thanks to the generous contribution from GeneTex which helped cover the finances of the laboratory. Finally, thank you to Moelis & Company for their fantastic support.

Furthermore, to the Snapgene team for allowing access to their program for free, it was an invaluable tool for planning our project. To Integrated DNA Technologies and Agilent Technologies for providing us and other iGEM teams extensive G-Blocks and a SureVector kit for free. Your worldwide support for undergraduate research in this field is invaluable and greatly appreciated. Additionally, thank you to Bioline for providing necessary laboratory equipment.

We would also like to express our appreciation and thank Mr Peter Miller and the Alexandria Park Community School in entrusting the education of their students to a group of university students. We appreciate the dedication of their normal class time for us. We really appreciate the level of trust that they put towards the event.

Additionally, we must extend our graditude to the organisers of Science in the Swamp , Rotary Clubs, and members of the JAMS association for their help with our various outreach events.

Finally, to the magical Ajantha Abey, Lucy Zhang, and Soe Htet Aung for your help and support.

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