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Survey form of our project
This year we used google survey form to design a questionnaire for our medical dressing to evaluate the opinions of the community. We used facebook fans page to popularize this form. About three hundred peoples had filled out our survey. At the last of our survey form many people had gave us encouragement and hope our dressing will be on the market in the future.
 Survey Feedback

Help for other iGEM team filled out their survey form

We collaborated with iGEM teams to help each other complete the survey form.

We had answered their survey about their project. This survey made us notice the seriously problems of chewing gum pollution.

We had filled out their survey about “ iShare” platform that they had been designed.
We had answered their interesting survey about biosafety.
iGEM Paris-Saclay Collaboration Survey Badge

Help Establish iGEM Team
In this year, we are honored for the privilege to help Chang Gung University discover and develop their iGEM team. Furthermore, through collaboration, we have learned a lot from each other, and work towards the same goal. This collaboration has translated into a very strong relationship between teams.
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News Letter
This year Amoy and Pairs Bettencourt iGEM team launched a newsletter. A total of 24 teams participated and submitted pieces. This activity has allowed iGEMers in different regions to share their team’s project and communicate interesting information with each other.

TCU_Taiwan also participated in this writing submission. We have written articles to introduce our team and project and also sharing our philosophy.

News Letter

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