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May 6th ,2015

• Aarol completed our team’s logo design

May 7th ,2015

•  It’s a great pleasure for us to invite Dr. Jhang Jhe Wu to share his experience. Dr. Jhang Jhe Wu published a research on the function of Epinecidin-1 in wounded mice in 2013 (research title: Use of the antimicrobial peptide Epinecidin-1 to protect against MRSA infection in mice with skin injuries).We read the research during our preparation, and decided to bring Epinecidin-1 into our wound dressing design. It’s extraordinarily significant for us that Dr. Jhang Jhe Wu shared his own experience in doing the research with us, which turns out to be a blueprint of our experimental design. Thanks to the assistance from Dr. Jhang Jhe Wu, we make constant progress in our project.

  May 8th ,2015

• Not only did Shih Ting Hong, Doctor in DA AI Technology, share his professional insight into the market value as well as the applicability of wound dressing when we had an interview with him, but he also provided us suggestion on the product packaging design. Thanks to the suggestion by Dr. Shih Ting Hong, we have a more specific guideline in mapping out our project.

May 9th ,2015

• Phoebe asinged wiki websites to Rebecca and Eva.

May 13rd ,2015

• All team members discussed our wiki home page’s template.

May 18th ,2015

• Phoebe completed our wiki background design .

May 22rd ,2015

• Aarol completed three of our wiki’s symbols design.

May 25th ,2015

• In this day, we visited New Taipei Municipal Mingder High School. We introduce them about iGEM competition and our project, also shared our experience of collage life to them.

May 27th ,2015

• All team members discussed our wiki’s the size and color of font.
• We issued the tickets from Taipei to Boston. During these days, we hoped we can try our best to do everything.

May 31st ,2015

• Aarol completed all of our wiki's symbols design.


June 7th ,2015

• Rebecca completed Team’s template design

June 10th ,2015

• All team members discussed which professor is instructor or advisor.

June 16th ,2015

• Aarol completed our team uniform design.

June 17th ,2015

• Phoebe and Jerry consulted Dr. Hao Ren XU how to design our Modeling of our wiki.

June 26th ,2015

• The proposal for Teaching Excellence project fund had been sent.

June 27th ,2015

• All team members took picture with our instructors of Dr. Yung-Hao Ching,Dr.Ji Hshiung Chen and Dr.Guang Huey Lin.
• After took pictures, all team members had a meeting with Dr. Yung-Hao Ching and Dr.Ji Hshiung Chen.

June 28th ,2015

• Because our team came from different departments, Phoebe added different departments’ logos to sponsor.
• Phoebe added a page view counter for our wiki.

June 29th ,2015

• All team members discussed to add the protocol website to project.

June 30th ,2015

• Aarol redesign our team’s new logo.
• We designed our team uniforms had been proofread and modified several times. We sent the design and also commissioned the manufacture made the production .


July 9th ,2015

• This time we visit Dr. Chien-Hsing Wang from Hualien Tzu Chi Hospital Plastic Surgery. After discussion, gave us lot if helpful suggestion. And tell us what will happen clinically. Also suggest that we can compare with some dressing that already in the market

July 10th ,2015

• Ask Dr.Hao Jen Hsu about the biomimetic molecule and the concentration of simulated drug for testing.

July 12nd ,2015

• Have a human practice to talk with Dr. Mu-Yi Hua from Chang Gung University and Chang Gung University iGEM team to discuss both of our project.
• The system diagram for the expression of peptide plotted completely.

July 13rd ,2015

• The uniform of our team has been brought back.

July 14th ,2015

• Some members experimental have a relaxing time to barbecue .

July 19th ∼July 23rd ,2015

• We participated an Asian Conference that hold by NCTU_Formosa iGEM team.

July 30th ,2015

•  The page of "Human Practice" for wiki already finish.


August 1st ,2015

•  We finish our animation scripting.

August 3rd ,2015

•  We updated our wiki page of notebook.

August 4th ,2015

•  Our wiki page of human practice is compeleted,and team page also revised it.

August 6th ,2015

•  We revised our safety content.

August 10th ,2015

•  We design some small logos for every wiki pages,and the progress is 40% done.
• The wiki page of project add the reference for our project.

August 12th ,2015

•  We decided the logo for team souvenir.

August 14th ,2015

•  It’s really grateful that we were offered an opportunity to give presentation of our idea in the routine meeting of Rotary Club of Taipei Tien Ho. During the meeting, professionals from different realms gave us advice on our experiment as well as our presentation skills, encouraging us to give all out and perform well on international occasion.
We are grateful and in deep appreciation to have been offered the opportunity to present our project ideas in a meeting of the Rotary Club of Taipei Tien Ho. Professionals from different fields of industry and science gave their recommendations, insight and advice to help our project and our presentation skills. Their gracious encouragement is a source of inspiration for us to perform well on the international platform.

August 15th ,2015

•  We went to Life Science lab to study secondary structure prediction.
• The wiki pages ‘s small logos design is 100% done!
• We change our wiki mainpage design.

August 16th,2015

•  We got our secondary structure prediction result!

August 17th ,2015

•  We made an animation for the animal experiment.
• We analysis the survey of Taipei Tien Ho .
• We use Google drive to design a Questionnaire for our team project.

August 18th ,2015

•  The animation record. We're halfway there.

August 19th,2015

•  We share the Aix-Marseille Université (France) iGEM team ‘s google doc.

August 21st ,2015

•  We finish our animation recording already.

August 23rd,2015

•  We add the instructors ‘s lab link in our wiki page.

August 24th ,2015

•  We redesign our wiki page.
• In the team page of member,we add our member’s introduce.

August 31st ,2015

•  We sent our team uniforms for our instructors and every people which help us.

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