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Human Practice
Our team upholds the spirit of the iGEM competition of involving a genetically engineered machine. With this platform, we have the possibility to change the world become a better place.

Through Moreover we meet with teachers and other iGEM teams to exchange our ideas and experiences.

Facebook fans page
Through our page on Facebook, we share our daily lives and encourage people to develop their interest in biological and genetically engineered machine.

National Taiwan Ocean University
Meeting with Dr. Chang-Jer Wu

May 7th,2015
It’s with great pleasure to invite Dr. Chang-Jer Wu to share with us his experience. Dr. Chang-Jer Wu has published research on the function of Epinecidin-1 in wounded mice in 2013 (research title: Use of the antimicrobial peptide Epinecidin-1 to protect against MRSA infection in mice with skin injuries). Building on this research, during our preparation, we decided to bring Epinecidin-1 into the wound dressing design. Dr. Chang-Jer Wu’s extensive research experience has made a significant impact on our experimental design and we are grateful and appreciative for his research to translate into constant progress with our project.

DA AI Technology with Dr. Shih Ting Hong

May 8th,2015
Dr. Shih Ting Hong, specialist in DA AI Technology has shared his professional insight into the market value and product application. He has also provided invaluable advice towards product packaging designs. Dr. Hong’s experience and advice have provided us focus and allowed us to develop more specific guidelines for our project.

Dr. Mu-Yi Hua and CGU_Taiwan iGEM team

July 3rd,2015
We appreciate the opportunity to discuss our project with Dr. Hua from Chang Gung University and Chang Gung University iGEM team.

Meeting with Hualien Tzu Chi Hospital Plastic Surgery

July 9th,2015
During a visit to Dr. Wang from Hualien Tzu Chi Hospital Department of Plastic Surgery, he provided valuable clinical experience and recommendations to help us compare our project with some current dressings on the market.

2015 iGEM Asian Conference

July 20th,2015 - July 23rd,2015
We participated in an Asian Conference held by NCTU_Formosa IGEM team. We have learned much and shared ideas between teams during this conference.

Rotary Club of Taipei Tien Ho

August 14th,2015
It’s really grateful that we were offered an opportunity to give presentation of our idea in the routine meeting of Rotary Club of Taipei Tien Ho. During the meeting, professionals from different realms gave us advice on our experiment as well as our presentation skills, encouraging us to give all out and perform well on international occasion.

We are grateful and in deep appreciation to have been offered the opportunity to present our project ideas in a meeting of the Rotary Club of Taipei Tien Ho. Professionals from different fields of industry and science gave their recommendations, insight and advice to help our project and our presentation skills. Their gracious encouragement is a source of inspiration for us to perform well on the international platform.
Rotary Club of Taipei Tien Ho Club Bulletin

High School
We also shared our knowledge with senior high school students of how to perform experiments, and what is synthetic biology

New Taipei Manicipal Mingder High School

May 25th,2015
We visited New Taipei Municipal Mingder High School to introduce the iGEM competition and our project. We also shared our experiences of college life with them.

Synthetic Biology One Day Camp One Day Camp

June 9th,2015
We held a day camp in Hualien to interact with high school students to discuss biology and biological experiment design. This opportunity gave our team experience in teaching high-school students.

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