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Medical Dressing

To design a useful dressing, it must have the advantages as the following. It cannot adhesions the wounds, and it has to be breathable. Making our dressing more perfect, we add our AMPs to improve two functions: helps wounds healing and disinfection.

At first, we chose artificial skin as our medical dressing. It has the ability of not adhesions on wounds and breathable. However, we must stop using it when the wounds infect. And, it doesn’t always add any medicine in it. Therefore, we found that sofra-tulle can solve these problems and contains the advantages that artificial skin has.

To keep the function of artificial skin and improve the additional features, sofra-tulle is the material we choose. Sofra-tulle is a current dressing on the market. It consists of cotton fabric impregnated with white paraffin. Some sofra-tulle contains antibiotics with Vaseline. Because of white paraffin and Vaseline in the sofra-tulle can prevent wounds from adhesion with dressing. Moreover gauze is efficacious for keeping the wound breathable. [1, 2] We used sofra-tulle as the basic material and used antimicrobial peptides (AMPs) to replace antibiotics. AMPs are dipolar and amphipathic molecules. Signiferin contains 60% hydrophobic residues and Epicidine-1 contains 57%. Therefore, AMPs can mix with Vaseline. Above all, we decided to put our AMPs into Vaseline and applied evenly on the sofra-tulle. Finally, fulfill the dressing model.

Fig. 1 The sketch of our dressing model.

TCU AMPs dressing

Our results had significant imprecation that our AMPs dressing will help wound patients recovered faster. So we put our design model into real dressing model. We used sofra-tulle as the base of our medical dressing. Then we mix AMPs into Vaseline and soak evenly on surface of sofra-tulle. This is the dressing we made, our TCU AMPs dressing.


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