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Experimental Group
The experimental group is composed of three males and two females. The team leader is Wan Chen Ho and group members are Ying Kuan, Yu Ksiang Liu, Hou Chun Huang and Chia-Chen Lau. Each individual member brings a unique perspective to the project. And through consulting our mentors, we are able to experiment each day tirelessly. As we present our results of our project, we hope to make a profound impact.

Department of Molecular Biology and Human GeneticsYing Kuan
Ying Kuan

Hello! I’m Ying Kuan, you can also call me Tiffany. I am studying in Tzu Chi University and majoring in molecular biology and human genetics as a second-year university student. I am the team leader in 2015 TCU_Taiwan. I love science also love to do experiment, so I’m really enjoying to attend this competition!

Department of Molecular Biology and Human GeneticsYu Hsiang Liu
Yu Hsiang Liu

Hello everyone, I’m the second leader of TCU_Taiwan, Austin. I major in molecular biology and human genetics in our university. I’m the one of experimental group, so I will do some experiment and think about our project to make our team perfect. I’m glad to meet iGEMer, so you can come to have some talk to me.

Department of Molecular Biology and Human Genetics Wan Chen Ho
Wan Chen Ho

Hey! My name is Wan Chen Ho. I'm from Tzu Chi University, and study in the department of Molecular biology and Human genetics. I am the leader of experimental group. This year, I participate this interesting competition. The experience let me learn more than just doing experiments. Hope everyone can have fun.

Department of Life ScienceChia-Chen Lau
Chia-Chen Lau

Hello everyone, my name is kevin. My work is experiment with cell detection. Experiment is my most expertise and interests so hopefully by this activity can make me have more growth, I also have other interests like swimming and watching movies. I look forward to meet with you!

Department of Life ScienceHou Chun Huang
Hou Chun Huang

Hello! I am junior of life science, and I am in experiment group. I love to swim and make some friends, nice to meet you smile.

Wiki Group
Wiki group is mainly responsible for wiki page and modeling.There are four members in this group. Three members of the group are programmer,the other is responsible for design.

Department of Medical InformaticsYun Xue Chen
Yun Xue Chen

Hi, everyone,I am the group leader of wiki group,Phoebe. My major is medical informatics.I like listening to music,watching Korea drama in my spare time.In our group, I am responsible for wiki page and modeling.And it’s really my honor to have this opportunity for join iGEM team.Nice to meet you guys!

Department of Medical InformaticsTing Han Fu
Ting Han Fu

Hello! I'm Ting Han Fu. My friends call me Han. I major in the department of Medical Informatics in Tzu Chi University. This year I have joined a team for the iGEM competition and I'm responsible for its wiki page. I am thankful for this opportunity to learn something I never expected to learn. Besides this, I also like to listen to music. Listening to music and knowing the lyrics are some of my favorite things to do.

Department of Medical InformaticsMing Jhen Wu
Ming Jhen Wu

Hi! Everybody, My name is Eva.I major in the department of Medical Informatics in the TCU University, which is in Hualien of Taiwan. In our igem team, I am responsible for wiki page design.I come from Koahsiung of Taiwan.In Koahsiung, there are many delicious food.If I have chance, I want to introduce Koahsiung for you.When I have leisure time, I like to cook some foods and snacks.After I cooked, I like to share with my friends and my roomates.If they say delicious, I will very happy all day.

Department of Molecular Biology and Human GeneticsChih Chung Lin
Chih Chung Lin

I am Aarol, and I’m from Tzu Chi University. I study in department of Molecular Biology and Human Genetics now. In our team, I am in charge of our uniform and team logo design, and I also join some part of web design. When I had some space time, I like singing and traveling. During these days, we tried our best to make everything be complete, and I also understood the importance of teamwork and responsibility. I really enjoyed working with my teammates. Hope we can have fun in this competition.

Administrative Group
Administrative Group is responsible for providing secretarial and administrative services to our team. Main Activities: The budget applies for some matters. Order tickets affair and insurance business. Support our teams to register and remittance. Team’s account manages. The team’s contact company for uniform production and exchange presents. Raise money with sponsors and send out certificates.

Department of Child Development and Family StudiesTing Wei Huang
Ting Wei Huang

Hi, I'm Doris, Minister of administration section. I’m a sophomore in Tzu Chi University, and I major in Children Development and Family Studies. I work for the team with enthusiasm for science. I enjoy being together with these guys with novel ideas.

Department of Laboratory Medicine and BiotechnologyChi Wei Chen
Chi Wei Chen

I am an administrative crew. I major in Laboratory medicine and Biotechnology. My interest is to play the volleyball. Personality optimism and kind like to make friends.

Department of Molecular Biology and Human GeneticsSing Ci Chen
Sing Ci Chen

Hi, everyone. I majored in Molecular biology and human genetic. If I have time, I like to photography with friends, make wreaths or read in coffee shop, or play table tennis.In our TCU-Taiwan iGEM team, I am a Administrative crew.I am responsible for providing secretarial and administrative services to our team.

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