Team:TU Darmstadt/Attributions

Requirements for a Bronze Medal

Team registration.
We registered a team.

Complete Judging form.
We completed the judging form in time.

Team Wiki.
As you can see, we’ve managed to complete our Wiki.

Present a poster and a talk at the iGEM Jamboree.
We can’t wait to present our results at the Giant Jamboree!

Create a page on your team wiki with clear attribution of each aspect of your project.
For information about the attribution visit our Allocation page.

Develop a working prototype of an open-source hardware tool that supports synthetic biologists working with BioBrick standard biological parts. Document your tool on the project page on your team wiki.
See our Engineering approach.

Requirements for a Silver Medal

Provide a demonstration of your hardware using a video tutorial that explains all the features of the hardware operation. Make the video available on your wiki. You must also send the video file to iGEM HQ.
For our demonstration video see bla.

Document your device on your wiki with information and associated files sufficient for a future iGEM team to reproduce your work. You should include relevant design schematics, 3D print files (or other), software and a Bill of Materials (BOM).
For design schematics, 3D print files, software and the BOM see our Engineering approach in the category "Attachements".

iGEM projects involve important questions beyond the bench, for example relating to (but not limited to) ethics, sustainability, social justice, safety, security, and intellectual property rights. We refer to these activities as Human Practices in iGEM. Demonstrate how your team has identified, investigated and addressed one or more of these issues in the context of your project.
See our whole Policy & Practices project and especially Labsurfing


Requirements for a Gold Medal

Expand on your silver medal Human Practices activity by demonstrating how you have integrated the investigated issues into the design and/or execution of your project.
Visit our Application Scenario for information about the impact of human practices on our project.

Demonstrate your hardware at the iGEM Giant Jamboree. If your equipment is too large to transport, create an installation to demonstrate functionality. Note: you may not bring live biological materials to the Jamboree.

For demonstration of our 3D-Printer and further information visit the Team TU_Darmstadt at Poster 145!