Team:TU Darmstadt/Team/Acknowledgements


AG Warzecha
- for supporting us with materials, advice and an own biological laboratory

AG Fessner
- for supporting us with materials, advice and working space in a chemical laboratory

Prof. Dr. Katja Schmitz
- for helping with a lot of important paper work

Prof. Dr. Kay Hamacher
- for providing us with computational infrastructure

Prof. Dr. Gerhard Thiel, PD Dr. Tobias Meckel and his group
- for making his laboratory equipment available to our team

Our experts
- for giving us invaluable advice on several aspects of our project

Dr. Melanie Kern
- for helping us with our chemical orders

Barbara Wolf
- for managing our bills and providing us with stationeries

Anne Einhäupl
- for helping us with the sponsoring

Karl Schuller
- for providing laboratory equipment and giving advice whenever in need

Prof. Dr. Beatrix Süß
- for providing advice about nucleotide Aptameres

Dr. Dorothee Deckbar
- for advice and help with FACS-measurements

Prof. Dr. Alfred Nordmann
- for helping us with our SYNENERGENE proposal

Ana Maria Delgado Aleman
- for helping us tremendously with our application scenario and techno-morale vignette

Charlotte Kaspar
- for designing our great labsurfing E. coli