Team:TU Eindhoven/Attributions


General support

Institute for Complex Molecular Systems (ICMS) provided us with a room (including pet mouse).

Project Advisors

Prof. dr. ir. L. Brunsveld, dr. Ir. T.F.A. de Greef and dr. M. Merkx helped us out with brainstorming and troubleshooting.

Lab support

General lab support

Glenn Cremers, BSc
Glenn Cremers is our main support when we’re working in the lab. Because of his membership of last year’s team, he and his capacities can support us when difficulties come forward. Glenn is studying Biomedical Engineering at the Eindhoven University of Technology and just finished his bachelor. He will continue with his master at the department of chemical biology at the faculty of Biomedical Engineering. Assisting the team of 2015 is a chance to see more of the possibilities in this field of research.

Lab Stuff

Ir. R. Arts provided us with Phusion DNA polymerase and NanoGlo substrate.
Ir. S.J.A. Aper provided us with Kapa2G and DpnI.
Dr. S. Ludwig provided us with the T7 terminator primer.
Dr. S.F.R. Leysen provided us with the pETDuet1 vector.

Difficult technique support

M. van Rosmalen MSc.
Martijn van Rosmalen is a PhD student at Eindhoven University within the Merkx Group. In his research, he aims to apply yeast display and fluorescence activated cell sorting to the development of new FRET sensors. Martijn van Rosmalen maintains the FACS and took the time to familiarize us with the FACS.
gave us a helpful FACS introduction, helped us with questions during our experiments and sacrificed his day to fix the FACS to make sure we could use it.
Wiggert Altenburg
Wiggert Altenburg, BSc. is currently a first-years master student. Wiggert was a member of iGEM TU Eindhoven 2014 and in his role he did all the experiments with the FACS. In his bachelor thesis, Wiggert carried out and finetuned the Click Chemistry experiments which were presented at 2014's Giant Jamboree as Click Coli by iGEM TU Eindhoven.
assisted us with the first experiment.

Aptamer support

Dr. ir. B.M.G. Janssen
Dr. Ir. B.M.G. Janssen is a currently a Post-Doc at our university. His research focuses on increasing the specificity towards tumor cells in cancer treatment by using antibodies.
shared his aptamer experience with us.

Plate reader introduction

We got a platereader introduction from A. den Hamer.
A. den Hamer is a PhD student in the research group of Prof. L. Brunsveld. Her project involves the development of a 14-3-3 protein scaffold for the application of small molecule controlled signaling platforms used in a synthetic signaling network.

Complementary DNA support

Ir. W. Engelen
Ir. W. Engelen is a PhD student at our university. In the research group of dr. M. Merkx his project involves the development of novel diagnostic techniques for the sensitive and selective detection of antibodies in serum and saliva.
checked our complementary DNA design.

Biolumiscence assay support

Ir. R. Arts
Ir. R. Arts is a PhD student at our university. His main focus is the development of a modular & labor-friendly antibody detection protein which should provide a basis to develop antibody detection assays that are suitable for high-throughput screening and application in low-resource areas.
advised us on our bioluminiscence assay.

Safety support

GMO regulations at the TU/e

Dr. M. de Liefde - van Beest
Dr. M. de Liefde - van Beest is operating in the Department of Biomedical Engineering section Soft Tissue Biomechanics & Tissue engineering at our university. She is an expert in the field of biosafety.
is biosafety officer at our university and informed us about GMO regulations.

A tour through the lab

Ing. P.T.H.M. de Graaf - Heuvelmans
Ing. P.T.H.M. de Graaf - Heuvelmans is working at the department of Biomedical Engineering at our university. Her main responsibility is the lab.
gave us a lab tour and granted us lab access.

Policy Practices support

We were helped by many people for the Policy Practices part of our project. You can find a complete list of all the people who helped us out here.


Amoy newsletter

Thanks to iGEM Paris Bettencourt, Amoy & Pasteur for making this newsletter.

Cloning guide

Thanks to all teams who shared their knowledge with us and wrote a chapter in our cloning guide:
Traditional cloning: Gibson Assembly: Golden Gate Assembly: Iterative Capped Assembly: 3A Assembly: In-Fusion: Ligation-Cycling Reaction: Yeast Recombinant:

Wiki support

We built the wiki ourselves. For designing the website we used:

The Noun Project

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The Aleo Font

The font we use on our wiki is designed by Alessio Laiso and released under the SIL Open Font License, which makes it free to use for both personal and commercial use. More info on the Aleo Font can be found here.


Easter Eggs

Iggy Azalea and Britney Spears for their contribution to the memory. (Yes, it's really there; try clicking on Hans' photo)
Tess Gaerthé for her contribution to the memory. (Click on Cas, her greatest fan; both literally and figuratively)
Yeshi de Bruin for her debut album "Yeshi Summer Mix"
Jaap Valkhoff and the Feijenoord legion for "Hand in hand, kameraden"
The M-Kids with their hitsong "SMS"
Tiger Love's "Pussy Cocaine" is a well appreciated addition to our memory, especially for Jan-Willem
The He-Man rendition of "What's Up", originally sung by 4 Non Blondes
50 Cents' "P.I.M.P."; the song of Kwankwan, our local G