Team:TU Eindhoven/Team/Sponsors


We would like to thank to following cooperations and organizations for helping us with our project:


PAMM foundation supported us financially. PAMM foundation is a research center for medical microbiology and infectious diseases and for pathology in Veldhoven en Eindhoven, the Netherlands. They collaborate with general practicioners and hospitals in the region, the Dutch national health institutes (GGD) and health facilities. As a prominent research institute, PAMM values innovation in its research field and is working on diagnostics, consultation and prevention of diseases. For more information visit the PAMM Website.

Department of Biomedical Engineering

The Department of Biomedical Engineering at the University of Technology Eindhoven provides high-quality academic education and cutting-edge research. Open and personal contact between the 500 students, 100 PhD students and 70 researchers results in synergy of education and research. They offer academic programs at several levels: bachelor, master and PhD programs, which integrate natural sciences and engineering disciplines with biology and pathophysiology. Research groups within the department cover subjects from regenerative medicine to biomedical image analysis to biomolecular engineering. For more information visit the Department of Biomedical Engineering Website.


DSM provided us with a substantial sum to continue our lab work. DSM looks from a scientific point of view to health, nutrition and materials. They connect these fields to come up with new innovative ideas to improve economic welfare, the environment and public welfare. For more information visit the DSMWebsite.


SnapGene provided us with free licenses of their software. We used SnapGene to design and analyze our constructs. SnapGene created software for researchers to make cloning procedures easier, enabling researchers to better plan their cloning procedures. We found SnapGene to be extremely satisfying tool, since it combines a gentle learning curve with a wide range of resources. For more information visit the SnapGene Website.

New England Biolabs

NEB is a leader in the discovery and development of recombinant and native enzymes for genomic research. These enzymes include restriction enzymes and endonucleases. The company is a major supplier of reagents for the life sciences research. New England Biolabs has generously offered all teams participating the iGEM competition of 2015 cloning kits, DNA ladders and polymerases. For more information, visit the NEB Website.