Team:Tec Guadalajara/Attributions


General Support

María Mercedes Roca

María Mercedes Roca

  • For her valuable guidance, advice, and encouragement throughout the project and her expertise in regulatory, policy and risk assessment issues.
  • Francisco

    Luis Francisco García

  • Helped the team to organize the Regulatory and Intelectual Property on-line fora for our Human Practices activities.
  • Clara

    Clara Patricia Ibarra Ríos, PhD.

  • For her helpful support in the acquisition of the strains and the solution of technical problems.
  • Intellectual Property

    Gerardo Pastenes

    Gerardo Pastenes Ugalde

  • Assisted us with its vast knowledge about patents and mentored the creation of the manuals.
  • Cynthia Franco

    Cynthia Lorena Franco Gónzalez

  • Solved all our doubts related with intellectual property and gave us valuable feedback.
  • Tellez

    Carlos Téllez Martínez

  • For his contributions to the development of the intellectual property of the project.
  • Technical Support

    Carlos Guzmán

    Carlos Alberto Guzmán González

  • He showed us the way in the chemistry part of the project. With his support, graphene was successfully reduced. He also helped us to analyze it with IRR and other techniques like SEM.
  • Loera

    Miguel Ángel Loera

  • Our reference of synthetic biology. Assisted us in the design of the construct and solved all our problems related with it.
  • Fundraising and donations


    Luis Herrera Estrella, PhD.

  • For his generous contributions to the development of the project.
  • Luna

    Alexander de Luna, PhD.

  • For his generous contributions to the development of the project.
  • Addy

    Addy Liñán

  • Helped us to get funds to cover the expenses of the project.
  • Business Plan


    Isaac Lemor

  • Gave us useful advice during the creation of our business plan.
  • Logistics


    Arturo Santos García, PhD.

  • Adviced us on the initial stages of the project.
  • Alejandro

    Alejandro García Gónzalez, PhD.

  • Aided us in the logistics of the project.
  • Other Collaborators

    Juana María de Loera, Nancy Fernández ,Marissa Reyes ,Jorge Leiva ,Karla Rodríguez ,Eduardo García ,Sadie Morales ,Lucy González ,Paul Vincelli ,Rosa Gómez ,Carmen García ,Eduardo Martínez ,Arturo Domínguez ,Fernanda Shorago , and Rocío Zermeño