Team:Tec Guadalajara/Rights

Introductory Guide to Intellectual Property

We collaborated with Gerardo Pastenes Ugalde to create a guide that will help Mexican and Latin American iGEM teams to identify the applications of ideas that can be protected.

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Online forum

We wanted to create consciousness on “how much to share and how much to protect” to establish a middle ground for Intellectual Property rights regarding Synthetic Biology. Until know, the results obtained through a second online-forum have been:

On this forum we could observe, that regarding the situation that if something newly created in synthetic biology should be patented or open source shared, there are still a lot of subjects and situations to be discussed in order to reach a middle ground. What can be said from the discussions is that there are opposing viewpoints regarding if patenting an invention and fulfilling moral implications should go together or be kept side, but maybe if intellectual property is looked through this lens, then there should be specific-case analysis and to conclude if something is worth patenting or released open source.