Team:Tec Guadalajara/Team

Who We Are

Graph Gene is a team of 11 Biotechnology students from Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico.

  • Miguel Azori

    Miguel Azori
    21 years old

    Hi! I am the team leader. I am on my third year of biotechnology engineering. Before I started to study biotechnology I was a professional swimmer. After finishing my career, I plan to start my over-graduate studies in marine biotechnology while I manage to bring biotech products to the market that will have a positive impact in the lives of people. We started Graph-Gene with the goal to take it beyond an academic project. We’ve still got a long journey to go but we are sure that both graphene and synthetic biology will play an important role in the new technological revolution, and we want to be part of it.

  • Regina Rendon

    Regina Rendon
    19 years old

    I am in charge of the logistics and financing of the project. On my free time, I enjoy dancing ballet and flamenco. I also like to read and watch indie films.

  • Monse García

    Monse García
    21 years old

    I work at the lab doing the genetic transformation of the yeast but I also help out with the finances of the project. I love to travel, hiking with my dog and learning new things.

  • Sebastián Patiño

    Sebastián Patiño
    21 years old

    I am quite passionate about the chemistry of materials. I am responsible of the chemical synthesis and the evaluation of graphene’s properties. I enjoy playing tennis and going to the movies.

  • Vicente Armenta

    Vicente Armenta
    21 years old

    I tackle the technical issues of the project and help create our wiki. When not looking for Corgi pictures, I like to watch not so known movies and listen to The Smiths.

  • Ricardo Hernández

    Ricardo Hernández
    22 years old

    I’m passionate about cinema, literature, computer programming and barefoot locomotion. I am involved in the project's technical aspects as well as our wiki's development.

  • Lourdes González

    Lourdes González
    21 years old

    I am involved in the social part of this project and the regulatory issues we face. I love any kind of outdoor activities and watching horror films. Some of my favorite are Sinister and The Conjuring.

  • Mariano del Toro

    Mariano del Toro
    18 years old

    I’m currently on my second year of Biotechnology Engineering. I’m participating in the social part of the project as well as the lab work. I’m very passionate about my career because I believe it will provide me with the tools I need to achieve my goal in life: not to be just another human that roamed the Earth, but instead be someone that was useful to our world and gave back all that was received.

  • Nora Pasquali

    Nora Pasquali
    19 years old

    I deal with the legal aspects of our work, especially with intellectual property and copyrights. I also work in the lab with my teammates. I’ve always loved classical music. I started studying piano when I was 4 years old and violin by the time I was 11 years old.

  • Pamela Rellstab

    Pamela Rellstab
    21 years old

    I firmly believe you have to enjoy what you do to get it right. Working on this project has been a big challenge to all the team, but the technological, social and economic potential it has, makes it completely worth it. I am helping to develop our social and human side of the project. My passion is to learn and I love to read, dance and travel.

  • Felipe Rojas

    Felipe Rojas
    22 years old

    I am in charge of the chemical lab work of this project. I make sure that all the chemical processes that are needed to make graphene are working fine. Some of my hobbies are playing the guitar and learning how to cook.

  • María Mercedes Roca, PhD

    Maria Mercedes Roca, PhD

    Besides being a Professor of Biotechnology at Tecnologico de Monterrey at Guadalajara, I am also the coach and advisor to the team. I am always in awe of the energy, creativity and drive of young people.

    I have lived and worked in the UK, Mauritius, Bolivia, Colombia, Honduras and now Mexico . I have a keen interest in the regulation and biosafety of synthetic biology and its potential for education in biological sciences.

    I feel the voice of youth should be heard in biotechnology and synthetic biology oversight and regulatory circles.

  • Giovanni De Cisneros

    Giovanni De Cisneros
    23 years old

    I am in charge of the business development and project management of Graph-Gene.

    I like to work with technology and innovation projects because they require truly research and passion. From a business perspective we always try to sell the products but sometimes we miss some important things, and dynamic groups of people bring that A-game that transforms a good project into an excellent project, because everything we do, must be done in the pursuit of value.

    During my free time I like to hang out, cook, play guitar, basketball and videogames.

  • Santiago Vega

    Santiago Vega
    22 years old

    I am in charge of the visual imageof the project. I study industrial designat Tec de Monterrey GDL. I believe in visuals as a crucial element for any project´s success. As a hobby I do photography and videos.