University of Alberta

Professors Thundat and Sadrzadeh were incredibly helpful to our team, and we are very grateful for the way they shared their research with us, both in tailings densification techniques and membrane fouling. In addition, their knowledge helped us in refining and optomizing our membrane bioreactor.

Pembina Institute

The information given to us by Analyst Andrew Read was absolutely invaluable in helping our team understand the existing policies in and around the Oil Sands industry.

Fundraising Donations

The following organizations have donated to help us raise a total of $24,000 for our research:

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As well as CUPE440, Laboratory Medicine and Pathobiology, You're Next Career Network, and DIYbio in kind donation of lab space.

Bioreactor Design

The design of the membrane bioreactor was created novelly by the engineering of Dawood Cheema, with help in biological researching from Joanna Dowdell.