Team:UNIK Copenhagen/Attributions


As a team we have learned a lot during the process. Due to our cross-disciplinarity our skills complement each other very well and we have been able to work on all aspects of the project ourselves. We have made good use of our brilliant supervisors and we have not been afraid to ask far and wide for advice and input. Therefore this page is dedicated to everyone who have helped and supported us. If you flip the picture of each person you can read how they helped us individually.


Cecilie is studying a master in Biology-Biotechnology. She has been an amazing help with the lab work and wiki design.

Cecilie Cetti Hansen

Josephine Schrøder is MSc in Biotechnology. Her advice has been invaluable with the experimental design and she made sure we had lab and office space. She also taught how to "handle" moss and propagation moss cultures.

Josephine Schrøder

Anna is an iGEM project organizer. She studies a PhD at University of Copenhagen Plant Science Center. She has helped us with the experimental design and given us protocols for PCR and purification of DNA.

Anna Holzwarth

Nanna is project coordinator at Center for Synthetic Biology, University of Copenhagen. She has been guiding us from the very start and provided extraordinary help with the outreach and funding parts of our project.

Nanna Heinz

Will has a MSc in Business Administration, & Bio-Entrepreneurship and was one of the key people involved in starting this years iGEM team. With his experience from participating in the 2013 iGEM competition and though his role as CEO of TychoBio his advice and guidance throughout the project have been invaluable.

Will Wright

Brian is a post doc. in Synthetic Biology. He is THE moss guru and a spare time space enthusiast. Find him on Twitter! @newbotany

Brian King

Kamil is a PhD-student at University of Copenhagen Plant Science Center. Brainstormer and idea generator, he has been giving amazing feedback and has been quick to jump in when we needed supervision during weekends (university formality).

Kamil Bąkowski

Maya Bonde has been a practical help with all different kind of stuff; homepage, posters, connections to department, finances, coordination, arrangements.

Maya Bonde

Associated Professors

Björn is our iGEM project leader. He is Associate Professor and a world expert in terpenoids. He has experience as an iGEM supervisor and advised the 2012/2013/2014 UNIK Copenhagen teams. He has also judged in the national iGEM jamboree in Lyon.

Björn Hamberger

Morten Bo Madsen is working in the UCPH Mars-group and is a participating scientist on NASA’s Curiosity rover-mission. He served as a scientific advisor on SpaceMoss, lending his expertise on everything related to Mars and the Martian environment. Through Morten, the Mars-group supplied us with our Mars-soil substitute, and gave us access to the Jens-Martin Mars-chamber.

Morten Bo Madsen

Henrik is an Associate Professor at PLEN. He specializes in sesquiterpenoids production in moss. He has provided excellent advice and calm support.

Henrik Toft Simonsen


Asmus wrote his Master’s thesis on the Jens-Martin Mars-Chamber and guided the team in its use. Additionally, Asmus helped out with brainstorming experiments for Red Lab.

Asmus Koefoed

Christine has a PBA in Communication Design, she is a skillful artist and drawer working for Dansk Reklamefilm (Danish Commercial movies). She is the designer behind our amazing logo.

Christine Fabricius

Hansol is Post doc. working in Synthetic Biology. He has helped us carry out the actual moss transformation and has helped come up with new ideas.

Hansol Bae

Johanne is the artist behind the SpaceMoss comic. SpaceMoss’ collaboration with Johanne has been invaluable in our outreach efforts. Johanne’s visual storytelling expertise and questioning nature forced us to think hard about how to make the project palatable to lay-people.

Johanne Holm

Tobias is an intelligent and highly competent engineer from Germany who helped us when building our arduino software and hardware. He offered consistent help and support and his positive attitude and intellect helped us solve our technical problems.

Tobias Wagner

Carl Erik Olsen has a position as associate professor at PLEN. He works with NMR and mass spectrometry. He has helped by running LC-MS on our moss samples with resveratrol.

Carl Erik Olsen

Britta Hamberger is a laboratory technician at PLEN. She has been very helpful in general and knew where we could find the material we needed.

Britta Hamberger

Nikolaj is doing a PhD-scholarship at PLEN and is working on decoding enzymatic pathways for medicinal plant compounds. He has been helping us with extraction of plant material.

Nikolaj Lervad Hansen