Team:UNIK Copenhagen/Collaborations


Sharing and collaboration are core values of iGEM. During our project we have met many inspiring people who have helped us, some of them we have listed in Attributions. But we have saved a special place for our fellow iGEM teams who have helped us. As an iGEM team ourselves we know how little time everyone has and we are very impressed with the amount of help we received and the happenings arranged by other teams:

DTU Biobuilders

We had a fantastic workshop weekend hosted by DTU in the beginning of our project. Our team benefitted a lot from the introduction to different Synthetic Biology techniques, especially since our team is such an interdisciplinary group with a limited background in lab work. We received safety introductions, learned how to do PCR, and had our first real team experience together. DTU biobuilders have also shared their template for funding application with us. A big thank you to our friends at DTU for putting together a fun weekend and for being great teamworkers. Read more about the DTU BioBrick Workshop.


SDU helped us by having a wiki-presentation held at the DTU workshop mentioned above. SDU won for best wiki in 2013 and 2014 and hence had a many good considerations and tricks for making a wiki simple, visually soothing and efficient at the same time. See this years team and their beautiful web design

Uppsala iGEM

We travelled to Uppsala, Sweden to participate in the Nordic iGEM Meetup hosted by the Stockholm and Uppsala iGEM teams together. There were iGEM teams present from Finland, Sweden, Denmark, and Norway. It was a really fun weekend and we had the opportunity to practice presenting our project for the first time. We got a lot of feedback and got to spend discuss our ideas and progress with the other teams from the region. Nordic iGEM Meetup