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iGEM Giant Jamboree
Boston, U.S.A - September 24th-27th 2015

All our work will culminate in a grand presentation at the Giant Jamboree in Boston, U.S.A 24th of September. The competition will last until 28th of September, so all the teams have a chance to present. More than 260 teams from all over the world are joining the Giant Jamboree so the competetion is though. Fortunately there is no limit to how many teams can receive a gold medal.

SYNBIOSYS Ph.D. Summer School
Copenhagen, Denmark - August 27th 2015

SpaceMoss presented at the summer school for Ph.D's in Synthetic Biology: "From pro- to eukaryotic systems". Read more about the summer school here

Kick-off introduction at University of Copenhagen
Copenhagen, Denmark - August 21th 2015

Every year before university commences new students at Physics attend a kick-off week where they get to meet each other, hear about Physics and university life and get accustomed to their new environment. SpaceMoss dropped by to tell them how awesome it is to study Physics and tell them to keep their eyes open for opportunities like the iGEM competetion and cross-disciplinary work.

Human Exploration and Space Flight
Kiruna, Sweden - August 15th 2015

SpaceMoss attended the course Human Exploration and Space Flight in Kiruna (Northern Sweden). The course is about the historical development of human spaceflight, an understanding of the requirements to be met in order to send humans into space now and in the future. During the course we discussed our idea with respected scientists and even an astronaut, launched rocket SpaceMoss and held a presentation for the course participants. Read more about the course here

Christina presenting

Rocket SpaceMoss

Rocket SpaceMoss flying

Course participants

Nordic iGEM meetup
Uppsala, Sweden - Juli 25th 2015

Team presenting in Uppsala