Team:UNIK Copenhagen/socialmedia

Social Media

During the entire project we have been active on several social media platforms. With almost 600 followers on our facebook page and 200 on twitter we have shared our ideas, frustrations and not least our successes with a diverse group of people from all around the world.

Below you can see a screenshot of our facebook page and a selection of the pictures we have shared during the process.

#AMADEE15 Competition

We show our support and sent this Mars Pioneer photo with our best wishes to the AMADEE-15 Mars simulation mission. This social media campaign aimed to bring awareness about the AMADEE-15 mission and at the same time introduce the many people who are involved in Mars research and who make a contribution for humans to set foot on the red planet in the future. The competetion was a call for everyone who are dreaming about humans embarking on a trip towards Mars in the near future.

Although twitter has been a new platform for most of us (Twitter is not big in Denmark!) we have found that it has been a great way of sharing our progress. In particular, twitter has been invaluable for following companies and inspirational people who work with Space and/or Synthetic Biology every day, and in particular, other iGEM teams and the progress they've made.