Team:Valencia UPV/OurTeam

Valencia UPV iGEM 2015



  • Daniel Pellicer

    King of agroinfiltration

  • Mónica (Niki) Gutierrez

    Computers everywhere

  • Iván Casas

    Lord of ligations

Mothers of Boston, lock up your daughters because Dani is coming. He’s a 4th year Biotechnology student and is also the heartbreaker of the grade; even N. Benthamiana can’t resist his charms. She’s a 4th year Biotechnology student. She’s our personal bioinformatician and our wiki maiden. She’s really active in social media, if you have interacted with us through the Internet, you probably has already met Niki. He’s GOD but not because he is almighty but because he is always everywhere. No matter when you arrive to the lab he is already there.
  • Pilar Baldominos

    Lady Luciferase

  • Rubén Escribá

    Just Batman

  • Alba González

    Matlab magician

She’s studying Immunology master in Barcelona at AUB and UB. She’s the Queen of protoplasts, also called Lady Luciferase. She likes to carry out luciferase assays at four o’clock in the morning when the light of the moon washes over her beloved samples. He’s studying Biomedicine Master at University of Barcelona and has a lot of experience at working in a Synthetic Biology lab since he worked with MoClo assembly and GoldenBraid assembly. Besides he’s a wonderful graphic designer and can do impressive compositions with the computer. You may think is a bit shy until you see him sliding down the stairs. Did someone just call Batman? She’s a 4th year Biomedical Engineering student. She’s going to study in United States next year. Although she may seem a responsible and industrious girl, she’s just waiting an opportunity to fooling around. Her secret skill is to make people laugh to death. Be careful, she’s pretty dangerous.
  • Agostina de Luca

    Bravest iGEMer

  • Alex Barberá

    God of Minecraft

  • Marta Millet

    Handly equations

: She’s a 2nd year Biotechnology student. That means she was crazy enough to take part of iGEM just as Freshman! Thanks to that she has discovered her new passion, the Synthetic Biology. Although she’s the youngest member she is who puts order in the lab. Outside the laboratory she loves playing rugby, be careful or you will be tackled! He’s a 4th year Informatics student.. He’s absolutely the opposite of the standard informatician. He’s a whiner but works with the strength of ten men, and believe me, ten like him would have a lot of strength. She’s a 4th year Industrial Engineering student. This year she will study in Brussels but that has not stopped her from keep instructors at bay. Thanks Marta for keeping a trace of sanity in this madhouse that was the project.


  • Guillermo Puchalt

    The must have advisor

  • Alfredo Quijano

    More expert than expert

  • Asun Fernández

    First ask Asun

You might think he is a shy engineer but, have you heard his sexy voice in the lamp video? Discover the dark side of this formal guy. Engineer in the day doubling agent at night! He was a team member of UPV iGEM team last year. Passioned by Synthetic bilogy he has been helping us including after the invasion of his bench space by our stuff. Will he dare to repeat this experience after our presence? Infinite patient with our mistakes. She is always ready to answer any question and give us advice. She is the headstone of our lab and every thing she says is invocated as the Word of Asun.


  • Diego Orzáez


  • Alberto Conejero


He is Senior Researcher at Spanish Research Council and co-leader of the Plant Biotechnology Group at the Plant Molecular and Cell Biology Institute (IBMCP). Diego is interested in the design of innovative agricultural goods using synthetic biology tools. He learns how to re-direct the genetic program of the plants towards the synthesis of added-value products like fine chemicals or biopharmaceuticals. He received his Ph.D. from the Universitat Politècnica de València (Spain) in 2004, obtaining the outstanding dissertation award of this institution. Nowadays, he is associate professor at the School of Informatics - iSchool of this university and he is also researcher at the Instituto Universitario de Matemática Pura y Aplicada (IUMPA-UPV). His interests are the study of dynamical systems, chaos theory, mathematical modelling, and multidisciplinary applications of graph theory. He is also enthusiastic about the development of students soft skills.
  • Javier Urchuerguía


  • Jesús Picó

    Control engineering

He is Full Professor of Applied Physics and works in Synthetic Biology since 2005 were he has taken part in different Spanish and European SB projects dealing with the subject of biofuel production by microorganisms. In his research he has contributed to develop in-silico models of cyanobacteria capable of producing ethanol and hydrogen amongst other fuels, working hand-in-hand with biologists and biotechnologists. Since 2006 Javier has participated as Instructor in IGEM, contributing to attract students to the field of SB in Valencia. He is a control engineer fascinated by the world of systems and synthetic biology. Jesús Picó is Full Professor of Automatic Control at the Universitat Politècnica de València. He leads the group of Control of Complex Systems at the Institute for Automatic Control and Industrial Computing. His main interests are in modeling and feedback control of bioreactors, robust methods for estimation of metabolic fluxes and flux balance analysis, and nonlinear feedback control techniques applied to synthetic biological circuits. You can find more details on his work here. He has been instructor of the teams VLC_Biocampus 2012, VLC_Biocampus 2013, and Valencia_UPV 2014