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Washington University - Penn State iGEM

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WashU and Penn State   iGEM 2015
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RBS Characterization

Name Part Number
Ptet mRFP nifZ RBS BBa_K1605003
Ptet mRFP nifE RBS BBa_K1605005
Ptet mRFP nifH RBS BBa_K1605039
Ptet mRFP nifS RBS BBa_K1605009
Ptet mRFP nifK RBS BBa_K1605040
Ptet mRFP nifB RBS BBa_K1605013
Ptet mRFP nifD RBS BBa_K1605015
Ptet mRFP nifN RBS BBa_K1605017
Ptet mRFP hesB RBS BBa_K1605019
Ptet mRFP hesA RBS BBa_K1605021
Ptet mRFP cysE2 RBS BBa_K1605023
Ptet mRFP nifV RBS BBa_K1605025