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Syntehtic Biology Panel

Our team has planned a panel discussion on genetic engineering in agriculture, to be held on Wash U’s campus on Monday, September 21st. The panel is open to the Wash U community and will feature 4 area experts on genetic engineering. The following panelists have kindly agreed to participate in our discussion:

  • Dr. Elizabeth Haswell is an associate professor in the Wash U biology department. Her research focuses on the molecular mechanisms that underlie the perception and transduction of mechanical signals in plants. She has taught Plant Biology and Genetic Engineering here for the past four years.
  • Dr. Dan Haybron is a Professor of Philosophy at Saint Louis University. His research focuses on ethics and the philosophy of psychology, with an emphasis on well-being. Although it is not his primary area of research and publication, Dr. Haybron is interested in environmental issues. He sees an important connection between well-being and environmental problems, and regularly teaches a course on Environmental Ethics at SLU.
  • Dr. Dmitri Nusinow is a principal investigator at the Donald Danforth Plant Science Center, which is a not-for-profit organization. His research focuses on understanding how the circadian clock is integrated with environmental signals to control growth, physiology, and development in plants. He has long been interested in genetic engineering.
  • Dr. Jeff Seale is a senior research scientist & Associate Science fellow at Monsanto. He is the Molecular Cell Sciences Platform lead. Much of his research has focused on protein structure and folding. He is passionate about the role of agriculture in helping to eliminate extreme poverty and works as a Congressional District Leader for the ONE Campaign—an international organization that works to end extreme poverty.

We hope to have an interesting and nuanced discussion of the topic and to provide perspectives to attendees that they may not have considered.