The University of Westminster iGEM team was responsible for the majority of the aspects related to the project design and management- from purchasing supplies, coming up with the project concept, raising money for laboratory work, outreach events and Jamboree attendance costs. Help received from advisors and others is greatly appreciated and acknowledged below.


Farren Isaacs for his knowledge in biocontainment and willingness to offer support

Caroline Ajo-Franklin for her support with our project, her knowledge of the Mtr pathway and sending the plasmid 15049, based on pSB1ET2.

All the staff at SYNBIOTA for their continued support in assisting our understanding and use of a new cloning technique of RDP (Rapid DNA Prototyping). Desiree for her user experience support and Patrick Wu for his vast knowledge and support of all things lab based.

Louise Usher (PhD student) for advice regarding deadlines and many things iGEM.

Westminster Academy, in particular, Geraldine King for allowing us to present our project as part of the Science Fair for the students of the Academy.

Many thanks to Dr Mark Odell to his ongoing support, invaluable advice, insight and expertise; reagents and competent cells. Also for opening the start of the UK meet-up and for his contribution to the running of the event.

Dr. Robert Scott for his contribution to the opening of the UK meet-up.

Dr Izzet Kale and Divyankar Bhardwaj for their support and assistance in producing a proof of concept circuit for our MFC.

Les Birchmore, Chief Engineer, from Fuller’s Brewery for offering us brewery waste water for our project, for answering our questions regarding waste water and his ongoing support.

Dr Philip Thomas from Thames Water for answering our questions regarding waste water.

Dr Shengchang SU for help with microbial robotics.

Guest speakers at 2015 UK meet-up:
Dr Paul James, Dr Paul Freeman, James Philips, Edward Perello and Sean Ward for all providing enthusiastic and inspiring presentations regarding the evolving facets of synthetic biology.

And the staff at the University of Westminster Marylebone Campus and Cavendish Campus
Shaheen Asif for help with catering during The UK Meet Up.

A Big Thank You to Michael Chrzastek for his work on the wiki- from the page set up and design, to all the adjustments we required you to make and for all the hours you had to work alongside your paid job. Without your dedication and support we would not have a wiki page of this quality and standard.