Cambridge-JIC team organised a workshop at the UK meet-up, Friday 4th September. The primary purpose of the workshop was to raise awareness and promote the use of open source hardware (OSH)). In addition, due to the interest raised, the team also received a lot of feedback and information on how their design could be modified to fit the purpose of other projects.

The workshop consisted of three benches:
1) Optic bench showcasing their 3D printed material and discussing the principle of open source hardware.
2) Microscope demonstration of their microscope prototype.
3) Build your own bench where their demonstrated how to build their microscope from scratch.

The workshop was a real success, and we would like to thank the Cambridge team for participating and introducing a great interactive element to the event.

Aix-Marseille Université (France) required some help collecting data for their project. We were instructed to distribute and collect as many surveys as possible on gum and GMOs. We contacted students, family and friends, and anyone else that would be willing to participate, and our efforts earned us a silver Collaboration badge.