Team Member Attributions

Ivan Gyulev: As a final year student and 3rd time iGEM student participant, Ivan was responsible for the synthetic construct design of our project. He managed the dry lab research before the summer wet lab session, planning the project with the team, as well as designing our parts and ordering primers for the team. Throughout the summer, he led the molecular biology team in their research, building our new BioBrick devices.

Liz Alexianu: A second year genetics student, Liz participated in many aspects of the project. She worked on dry and wet lab aspects of this year's project, including participating in some outreach activities, managing the team's social media accounts and team collaborations. On a daily basis she worked in the molecular biology team, mini-prepping plasmids, nanodropping samples and running gels. She also was responsible for uploading content to the wiki and designing the poster for the Giant Jamboree.

Clare Draper: She worked on several parts of the project, primarily carrying out research and lab work as part of the molecular biology team. Alongside this, Clare was responsible for organising the travel to Boston, securing sponsorships, maintaining supplies for the lab and general budgeting. She was also involved with outreach and other Human Practices work. Clare presented our project at the Giant Jamboree, with Ivan, Matt and Adam.

Matt Higgins: He specialised in two key parts of the project - the phosphate assay and the business plan. As one of the team's biochemists, he worked to design our team's phosphate measurement experiments with Katy, Mat, and JunHee. He also single-handedly wrote our team's extensive business plan, contacting national wastewater companies and constructing a potential path for our project to become a marketable product! He also participated in dry lab research.

Mat Milner: As a final year student, Mat used his knowledge to help guide both the phosphate and growth assay teams over the summer. He was responsible for scheduling plate reader experiments, managing overnight cultures and analysing data for both aspects of the project. He also worked with Adam to complete a model for our project and in dry lab research.

Adam Brain: Apart from dry lab research and work with the growth assay team, Adam was responsible for designing our wiki template and general wiki content formatting. He also worked with Mat on the modeling side of our project. Adam has also provided input for our presentation in Boston and participated in outreach events.

Katy Davis: Alongside investing time into outreach and dry lab research, Katy worked in the phosphate assay team. She designed and distributed flyers about our team, held demonstrations of DNA extraction experiments with a few other team members (JunHee, Abi, Mat and an advisor- Erin) and went to several discussions held with various groups in York.

JunHee Jung: Like everyone else, JunHee participated in dry lab research sessions and a wet lab team. He spent his summer with the growth assay team but also helped analyse the phosphate assay team's work. He also helped with some of the coding on our wiki page.

Abigail Rowbotham: After dedicating some time to dry lab research, Abi worked on the growth assay team with Adam, JunHee and Mat. She also participated in several outreach events and was crucial to the animations in our presentation as well as the drawings on the Registry of Standard Biological Parts. In addition, she helped Liz keep our social media followers updated with outreach events.

Kristina Aare: She helped with dry lab research as well as with the imaging of phosphate. She used her knowledge of confocal microscopy and DAPI staining to see if we could visualise phosphate intake into our cell- Phil.

To see what the rest of the individuals related to the team did (such as advisors and supervisors), please check out our Acknowledgement page here.