Function overview

After the effective Toxin was coated by CNC, we need a convenient device to place our poison in. One of our goals is to kill all termites in a house. In order to be easier for the users to clean it up for a second use the device is designed to be removable. Meanwhile, all units of the device must be standardized so that we can change the alluring part into the killing part directly. Here is our device and it works in three aspects.


In fact, we made a big improvement about our device on the monitor unit recently. In the last version, we used a compressed spring which is connected to a thin wooden block. Once termites eat the block, the string will elongate and another wooden block will get out of the device to alert the users. Further more, we decided to design a digital circuit for customers so that they may discover the situation in a shorter time with less attention paid to the device.

However, when we talked about our device with Prof. Mo, an expert on termite control, he told us that when termites eat wood, their secretion flows out and sticks on the wood nearby. Termites will even plug the hole when they go through it. This makes it difficult for our monitor unit to work.

In our new version, we abort this design and change the passageway in the box into small holes. Customer can judge whether there are termites by observing whether the holes are blocked.


The inspiration of our trap unit is from an existing device. The device works like this: Pine put in the device will attract termites and when climbing into the device, they will eat the Toxin accidently and die in or out of the device.


We want to kill all termites but our toxin will not be influential for a very long period. Our experiment has shown that is it enough to return. Along the same way, termites goes into their nest and spread Toxin to their family.

Total Design (DRAFT 1.0)

Mechanical Parts

Besides functions, we think more to improve our device. We design a box with a removable cover instead of a pressurized cuboid. By this way, customer will clean our device more easily, and it is convenient to reload wood bricks. We also design a wider ring under the cover, to avoid the slide when device shaking

Instruction Manual


When using the device, customers should place the Attracting Cover with wood to attract more termites. Once they notice the bottom holes are getting smaller, or stuck by termites’ secretion, the Trap Cover should take the place of the attracting cover and the Kill Function works!


By writing application scenarios, we have already visualized the intended impact of TERMITE TERMINATOR and present Techno-moral vignettes, focusing on the potential wider impacts of our application. According to these unintended scenes, to reduce future risks, a series of warnings have been added to the Instruction Manual can be proposed.

Online Server

Furthermore, we have designed an application to make a Real-time tracking online system. With this application, it does not matter if our customers have any problem using our device. We have thought of putting 14 functions into this application. The functions are listed as follows.

The app has more usage than providing convenience for customers. By analyzing the data about the frequency of downloading the app and buying the baits, we can know lots of information about termites in a certain district, which will be shared on the internet. So people can learn more about our termites and terminate them more easily. We, iGEMers from ZJU, are termite terminators!