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The judging application is now closed.

We are no longer accepting applications for judges for the 2015 iGEM competition.


Hello, and welcome to the new iGEM 2015 judging application form. We've created this form to simplify the process of applying to be a judge in iGEM. Judging is a great way to experience iGEM, see the Giant Jamboree, and interact with other senior members of the community behind the scenes.

Judging in iGEM is a lot of fun, but it does require a strong commitment. iGEM teams work incredibly hard on their projects over the summer, so we need judges who are also committed to work hard to evaluate them. If you can spend time learning about the judging process during the summer, evaluating team wikis the week before the Jamboree, and attending the Jamboree in September, we would love to have you on board!

Based on what we have learned over the past several years, we are making a few changes to simplify judging in 2015.

We are de-specializing judging, which will eliminate separate evaluation committees (e.g. poster, medal, practices). We will need judges who understand iGEM. We will provide educational resources to help judges learn how to evaluate teams, and we will help you get up to speed if you are selected.

We're looking for:

  • iGEM instructors and advisors
  • People who have judged iGEM in the past
  • People in the synthetic biology industry
  • Synthetic biology researchers who are new to iGEM
  • iGEM alumni who want to stay involved

If you have colleages who you think should apply, please send them the link to this form.

Lastly, I'm afraid that if you are a student on a 2015 iGEM team, you can't apply to be a judge this year. But you can apply when you graduate and become an iGEM alum!

Thank you for filling out this form. We look forward to picking a strong judging team for 2015.

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Institution type:


Region (where you currently live/work):

Number of years of iGEM experience:

Sweatshirt Size:

Dietary restrictions:

  • (If you have other dietary restrictions, please contact iGEM HQ.)

Are you available to attend the entire Giant Jamboree (September 24th-28th, 2015, in Boston)?

If not, what are your schedule conflicts?


If you are selected as a judge, you need to attend the iGEM 2015 Giant Jamboree in Boston (September 24 – 28). iGEM currently cannot provide travel funding for judges to attend.

If you are registered as a Primary Contact, Instructor, or Advisor on the roster of a 2015 iGEM team, you will need to pay the Jamboree registration fee even if you are selected as a judge. (You should think of the Jamboree registration fee as the final part of the team registration fee and how we charge more for bigger teams.) As both an instructor and a judge, your primary role must be as an instructor. We ensure that your judging assignments do not conflict with your own team's presentation.

If you are not on the roster of a 2015 iGEM team, your Jamboree attendance fee will be waived.

Team Affiliations and Conflicts of Interest

Team Affiliations:
We encourage team instructors to be judges, but you can't judge your own team. Please select any teams you are officially affiliated with (i.e. you are on their roster of team members).

Conflicts of Interest:
There might be other reasons you could not judge a team impartially -- for example, a team from your alma mater, or a team that you advised informally. Please select any teams for which you have a conflict of interest.

To select multiple teams, use Ctrl-click or Cmd-click. We recommend that you update your answers once team registration closes in May (this form will save your answers and you can return to edit them).

Don't recognize a team name? Look it up in the Team List.

If you have any other conflicts of interest that are not indicated above, please describe them:


Why do you want to be a judge in iGEM?

What professional experience do you have that's relevant to iGEM (e.g., synthetic biology, hardware, software, human practices)?

Have you judged student competitions other than iGEM before? If so, which ones? (e.g. FIRST, BIOMOD)

What features of an iGEM team and their project make them worthy of recognition?

(New judges may want to familiarize themselves with the 2014 Judging Handbook Part 1. The 2015 Judging Handbook will be available later this year.)

Track Preferences

iGEM teams compete in several "tracks", based on the topics of their projects. Please see the Track page for more information on each track.

When we assign judges to teams, we will try to assign you your first preferences wherever possible. However, we can't anticipate how many teams will be in each track, so it may not always be possible to assign you your first choice. Therefore, you can indicate how you feel about each track. The more first choices you select, the more likely it is that you will be assigned teams in those tracks. If you are unable to evaluate teams in some track areas (software or measurement, for example), please put "Avoid" for those tracks.

Please indicate how highly you prefer each track. You may select multiple first, second, and third preferences.

Track First Second Third Neutral Avoid
Art and Design
Community Labs
Food and Nutrition
Foundational Advance
Health and Medicine
High School
Information Processing
New Application
Policy and Practices
Specialist Knowledge Areas

Based on what we have learned about judging over the past several years, we are de-specializing judging this year and eliminating subject-specific judging committees. This will require all judges to have a general level of knowledge about many areas of iGEM. For example, we will not have dedicated Human Practices judges. If you're not familiar with Human Practices, you'll need to learn more about this area in order to evaluate teams.

You will have help! We are creating educational materials to help you learn to evaluate these areas. We have more than a thousand previous projects to draw on for the best examples. We also have the judging committees who can help you and answer questions on these topics.

(See the Awards page for details about what each area means in iGEM.)

Please indicate your level of knowledge in each area:

Area Expert Great Some knowledge I'm prepared to learn Not qualified
Applied Design
Human Practices


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