In 2013, iGEM published an annual review which included team highlights, statistics, and stories. This year, we're looking at new ways to capture information on team projects so that the iGEM community can easily see what teams have worked on. 2015 Teams already submit a title and abstract, but we will also be collecting keywords. Since this is a new experiment for iGEM, we're keeping it informal. Submitting keywords is not a requirement.

iGEM teams from previous years may also submit keywords for their projects, but please check with your team members before submitting.

Submit 5 Keywords

If your team would like to submit keywords on behalf of your project, please send your 5 (or fewer) keywords in an email to keywords (at) igem (dot) org with the subject as "Your Team Name - Year - Keywords".

Keyword recommendations

Keywords are often required when publishing an article in scientific journals. Keywords can be used for indexing or searching, and offer a way for potential readers to identify if a piece of research is relevant to their interests.

You should use keywords that are useful and informative about your project. Our recommendation is to select five words that highlight your project's contribution to the synthetic biology community. Please avoid sentences or long strings of words for a single keyword.

    Avoid generic/redundant keywords. Some examples include...
  • Synthetic Biology
  • iGEM
  • science
  • country or region
  • track (e.g. Foundational Advance, Hardware)

    Use specific keywords that relate to your project. Some examples include...
  • quorum sensing
  • toolkit
  • cancer
  • probiotics
  • bioinformatics
  • biosensor
  • Type IIS
  • microfluidics
  • chassis (e.g. B. subtilis, E. coli, M. polymorpha)

We've received a keywords from these teams so far:

Team Name K1 K2 K3 K4 K5 K6 K7
Aachen methanol glycogen bioreactor tubefront DIY
Aalto-Helsinki propane cellulose modeling amphiphilic protein biofuel
ANU-Canberra CRY2 CIB1 optogenetics Cre-recombinase biosynthesis
BGU_Israel cancer CRISPR cancer-specific promoters hTERT survivin
Birkbeck Lambda bacteriophage Modular lambda chassis Diagnostic tool Directed evolution Modular construction
Bordeaux Grapvine Downy mildew (Plasmapora viticola) Ellicitor Curdlan E. coli
Cambridge-JIC Open-Source 3D-Printable Low-cost Fluorescence Microscope
China_Tongji C.elegans Optogenetics Channelrhodopsin DIY Light Source Locomotion Controlling
CityU_HK Cell lysis Lactose intolerance Lysis Cassette Probiotic E. coli
Consort_Alberta E. coli Oil Contamination Detection Xylene
Cork_Ireland Diagnostic tool E.coli Detector Fluorescent readout Pathogen detection
Czech_Republic IODs clone-free assembly CTCs diagnostics orthogonal signalling
Dundee Forensic Science C.S.I Body Fluid Detector Chromate Detector Fingerprint Ageing Device
Edinburgh Paper-based harm-reduction biosensor illicit drugs
FAFU-CHINA Honeybees Chinese Sacbrood Virus RNA-interference CSBV.Silencer
Freiburg diagnostics microarray cell-free label-free real-time
Fudan circRNA back-splicing device sponge oncomiRs
Georgia_State Mambalgin Cannabidiol Manufacturing Biologics Transgenic Plants
Gifu Circular mRNA Long chain protein
HAFS-Korea T.reesei E.coli Food vs Fuel Debate
HFUT-China web recommendation search simulation information
HZAU-China Mixed-Reality Oscillator Bidirectional coupling Interface hardware Optical regulation
IIT_Kharagpur food spoilage quorum sensing whole cell biosensor E.Coli Lycopene
ITB_INDONESIA biosurfactant rhamnolipid Enhanced oil recovery E. coli
Kent Amyloid Nanowire Conductive Self-assembly Brownian Dynamics
Lambert_GA Chitin deacetylase Bidirectional promoters Chitosan Chitin High School Killer Red
Macquarie_Australia Chlorophyll Photosystem II Photosynthesis Biohydrogen E. coli
Mingdao Fire retardant protein SR protein SRPK Data mining
Nagahama MEP pathway Metabolic Engineering Terpene Food preservation method Food Problem
NAIT_Edmonton Silver Staining SDS-PAGE Colorimetric Assay Reporter Motifs Proteomics
Nankai chronic inflammation hydrogel γ—PGA metabolic toggle switch metabolic engineering
NYU_Shanghai Synthesized Music Interactive Random Sound
OUC-China ferritin magnetism temperature sensitive intein T7 RNA Polymerase
Pretoria_UP Recombinase Inverter Gene regulation Lox/cre Gene switch
Purdue Biofuels Lignin Enzymatic Pretreatment Biomass S. cerevisiae
SCUT-China cardiovascular diseases gene therapy sGC PDE5A cGMP
SJTU-BioX-Shanghai halorhodopsin cyanobacteria seawater light biodesalination
SJTU-Software bioinformatics database device construction biobrick evaluation web-server
Sydney_Australia mycobacterium ethylene pseudomonas epoxides Golden Gate cloning strange nature writing competition
SZU_China AND GATE UAA Othogonal system Bladder Cancer
Tec-Chihuahua Nanotechnology Carbon nanotubes Mature Oocyte Transfection Efficiency
TecCEM Aptamer DNAbot DNA origami lead nanobiotechnology
TecCEM_HS biofilter bioremediation sodium dodecyl sulfate alkyl sulfatase ferritin
Technion_Israel 3D-printing B. subtilis Baldness Enzymatic reaction Microbiome
Tokyo-NoKoGen Termite G3DH Pesticide Metabolic pathway
TrinityCollegeDublin Artemisinin Malaria DBR2 ALDH1 Academy
TU_Eindhoven Biosensor Aptamer Outer Membrane Protein Click Chemistry Modular
UAM_Poznan sugar induced promoters CPEC assembly expression system cellular RNA polymerase sfGFP
UCL Human Microbiome Gut microbiota Gut-brain axis Psychobiotics Mental health
USTC Interference Permeability Accuracy Efficiency
USTC-Software Boolean logic Stochastic Simulation Gene network
Vanderbilt Mutation Stability Evolution Bioinformatics Optimization
WashU_StLouis nitrogen fixation refactoring CRISPR flux balance analysis
Westminster Shewanella oneidensis MR-1 Mtr pathway Electric current Nanowires Microbial Fuel Cell (MFC)
William_and_Mary Measurement Noise Promoters Transcription Stochasticity
WLC-Milwaukee bacteriophage TolC phage therapy antibiotic resistance efflux pump
ZJU-China termite control tool Bacteria Carrier From nature for nature multi-functional device poly cards