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Elan Vital Korea

Combining resources and skills for the benefit of all is nothing new. For centuries, people have been using this formula for success. We generate great power when we share idea as igemers.

Elan Vital Korea cordially invites Korean igem teams to a dinner gathering on 15th of August. from 5 to 10:00 pm at Athens Garden of Lotte Hotel Seoul

It will start with a press interview at 5:00 pm. For the remaining four hours, teams will exchange exciting summer experiences at the lab and the process of the project, and have fun with chats and inquires. It is a great opportunity to practice presentation and get feedback on their projects. We are sure that after the gathering, all Korean igemers will know each other as well as their projects better, filled with joy of sharing igem philosophy together.

All Korean teams are most welcomed!! If you are interested, please contact Young Chan Kim by chankim27(at)gmail(dot)com.