Peking Meetup
August 14- August 15

Hosted by team Peking.

Location: Peking University, Beijing, China

To enhance the further communication and deeper cooperation between iGEM teams in China, Peking iGEM sincerely invite you to join the CCiC (Conference of China iGEMer's Committee) at Peking University on August 14th-15th. Presentations, poster sessions included, the meetup will be a practice for the Giant Jamboree, as well as a great chance for teams to share experiences and gain feedback on their projects. It is also an opportunity to learn more. The meetup will include talks from former iGEMer, experts and other exciting speakers from the field of synthetic biology and industry.

For more information, please contact ZHANG Yihao at zhangyihao @ pku . edu . cn
We hope to see you there!