The team SKLBC-China and SKLBC-GZSYZX from senior high schools came together and got involved in the meeting with the four teams from college Sun Yat-sen University and South China University of Technology. Diverse teams brought various ideas and realizations to iGEM competition, presented and shared brilliant inspirations among teams.

Each member personally introduced him or herself in three tags for a preliminary understanding in 20 minutes. Later, team SYSU-Software presented the game Synbio Box including its sparkles of flat design and the train of thoughts which lit up minds to an active standard. Next teams presented the BioBrick items, Micro Timer to control the engineering bacteria, the engineering bacteria to discover the content of cadmium in the water and Myocardial Guard to help defend heart disease. Compared with the four college teams, the senior high school teams paid a special attention to the society and human practice. The team SKLBC-China created Weigem which bases on Wechat public platform. A database was also supplied to convenience the biology lovers and the next competitors. Team SKLBC-GZSYZX developed a forum for teams from different regions to share information, datum and statistics. Afterwards, team leaders received suggestions to improve their projects. Team members joined together started a brain-storming discussion with the topic of considering the bond between experiments and software and then eventually presented a summarization.

In general, the meeting offered a chance for teams to get to know about other teams without being limited in a narrow community. It was clear that the senior high school teams have a widely different way of treating the competition from the college teams, since one took the human practice and the society into account while the other focused on the theory and experiments. Each should absorb other’s advantages and improve themselves.

Wish teams would show up in America with a splendid behavior.