Team registration fee

Each team will need to submit a team registration fee in order to participate in iGEM 2015. Regular registration begins February 9 and ends March 31. Late registration begins April 1 and ends May 1.

Team Registration Fee: $4000 USD

For more information about the team registration fee, and payment instructions, please visit the Team Registration Fee page.

Keep in mind that you can, and should, pay your team registration fee before your team application has been accepted. Paying the team registration fee is part of the registration process and your team will not be accepted until the fee has been paid.

Learn about the registration process

Registration for iGEM includes registering users, registering teams, maintaining team rosters, distinguishing instructors from students, paying team fees, receiving the DNA distribution kit, registering for the Jamboree, and more. Please see the registration handbook which explains the registration process.

Create or update your iGEM account

Every participant in iGEM 2015 needs a user account. This one account will let you apply for a new team, give you access to the tools of the Registry, let you add or edit parts, and let you edit the contents of the iGEM and Registry Wikis. If you already have an account, please update it with information for iGEM 2015.

Join an existing team or register a new team

Your team may already have applied to iGEM 2015. Once its application is accepted, you can join the team using a membership code given to you by one of the team leaders or by applying for membership and waiting for approval from the team leader. Only a team's faculty PI may apply for a new iGEM team.

Continue or review team registration

Anyone may review the team registration and any team leader may update the team information. The PI will need to provide a brief resource description to show that they understand the resources that will be required.

What happens next

For new teams, iGEM Headquarters will verify the basic registration information and will contact the PI for more information before accepting the application. For new users, once your account is approved and your team's application is accepted, you will be able to use the software tools such as wiki-editing.

All teams must submit the registration fee payment before your application is accepted. For details on payment see the Team Registration Fee page.