SYNENERGENE Calls for Proposals

These opportunities are available to all teams, not just teams from Europe!

Take your iGEM project to the next level!

Funded Collaboration / Proposals due May 15, 2015

Partners: TU Delft, Bergen University

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Summary: What kind of new applications could your project idea lead to, and how would these applications transform the world around us? Would you like to take your project to the next level by exploring this with experts, policymakers, and the public, and would you like to get support and funding throughout this entire process? Is your iGEM team looking for an exciting Human Practices challenge? If your answer is "yes", your team might be an excellent candidate for our Call for Proposals.

TUDelft’s section of Biotechnology and Society and Bergen University’s Centre for the Study of the Sciences and the Humanities aim to conduct "Real-Time Technology Assessments" of potential synthetic biology applications. We are seeking iGEM teams who wish to develop both short-term and long-term scenarios for how their projects may be developed and embedded in society. Delft and Bergen will offer intellectual support to these teams as they develop the scenarios in the Human Practices component of their project. These scenarios will be taken up by SYNENERGENE partners in workshop settings with various stakeholders, with the ultimate goal of developing a socially robust SynBio innovation agenda. Apply for support and funding by submitting a proposal! Click "view full Call for Proposals" to find complete instructions.

Teams working on biorefineries, intellectual property or other related open science issues are especially encouraged to apply!

Please send your proposal to synenergene (at) igem (dot) org by May 15th, 2015.

Questions: contact Matti Sonck, M.M.Sonck (at) tudelft (dot) nl