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we are Team DANZI-KESH-8,
a biotechnology class from Danziger High School, 
Kiryat Shmona, Israel .

Alergln project

The aim of our project is to create a personal kit, one that identifies gluten in food, reliably and in reasonable time. This kit will allow easing the celiac patient’s life and reducing their expenses to a great extent. 

The "Alergln" Kit is based on a fascinating innovative technology in the diagnostic world, just as the kit to identify pregnancy brought with it a series of scientific technology; equally, this kit brings innovation and a breakthrough in a way of thinking and designing the kit. In the future, we believe that the idea can be implemented and utilized as well in areas to identify other substances, not necessarily food materials.

The "Alergln Project" was created after the realization that the number of people diagnosed in having gluten sensitivity (celiac disease) increases from year to year. The number of diagnosed celiac patient’s increases annually worldwide mostly due to awareness of this phenomenon. This awareness eases and enables many people real quality of life without the horrendous stomach pains. Celiac disease patients are not treated with drugs because the drug is not available; these patients simply avoid eating gluten. Therefore, they must verify whether the food they intend eating has gluten or not. The scales to check are often complicated and not necessarily accurate.

The "Alergln" kit will serve the above population, prevent them from concern for the presence of gluten in food and can eat with peace of mind and without worrying about their lives.

The success of the project will allow patients to eat foods that "may contain gluten," but there is no gluten, the difference in prices is very high and hence the kit cancels the presence of gluten in regular foods and allows the patient to eat without any concern, and at a lower cost. 


Team DANZI-KESH-8 is a biotechnology class from Danziger High School, the high school is situated in the northernmost part of Israel. The school is located in a small town Kiryat Shmona.

We, 23 students aged 16 and majoring in biotechnology, may be young but full of ambition and motivation for success and learning different fields of science. The entire school staff is recruited together with us to prepare for competition - the English teacher, science teacher, math teacher, and of course the school administration.

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