Can SynBIo reduce drug related harm? We think this is possible.

We're creating a cell-free, paper based biosensor that can provide a semiquantitative analysis of the purity of heroin, as well as test for contaminants in MDMA and diet pills, in order to reduce the likelihood of overdose and illness.

Our Project

For our human practices, we have written a story. Check out our timeline to see how each chapter unfolds.

We talked to UK drug policy experts, moral philosophers, end users and many more. Click below to see how we adapted the biology and design of our biosensor in response to their input, and how this process changed our own preconceived notions regarding drug abuse.

Our Story

We've created a page dedicated to explicitly stating where we have fulfilled each medal and special prize requirement on our wiki.

Here, you will find links that direct you to our attempts at fulfilling the criteria for a gold medal, the integrated human practices award and more.

Judging Criteria