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India Meetup

We, the iGEM IISER Pune Team, with the help of our Head of Biology Department and our PI and mentors, hosted a meetup for the iGEM teams of India on 16th and 17th October 2015. Members from the IIT Delhi and IIT Kharagpur teams came to IISER Pune for a two-day program that turned out to not only be great fun, but also very helpful with all our projects!

Together with the PhD student mentors Manasi Gangan and Neha Khetan, three sessions were held, one for each of the attending teams. The first day began with an introductory session by Dr. Chaitanya Athale, the PI for our team followed by us presenting our project idea “Mycobacterium revelio”. After a question and answer round from all the participants of the meetup (including IIT Delhi and IIT kharagpur teams, students of IISER Pune and faculty members of IISER Pune) the first day came to an end.

IIT Kharagpur started Day 2 with their presentation “Detection of Food Spoilage Using Quorum Sensing Systems in E. coli ”. After another question and answer round and the much needed lunch break, IIT Delhi presented their project “Eco.coli- A novel pollution crusader system ”.

These presentations gave us a new perspective of our project and helped us prepare for the Giant Jamboree. The discussions with everyone helped us discuss problems we all were facing in the laboratories and possible solutions. Overall, the meetup gave us inputs on our project and enhanced our presentation skills. We also got an opportunity to interact with other iGEM teams and have a great time!

We collaborated with Paris Saclay team in their safety survey

iGEM Paris-Saclay Collaboration Survey Badge