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Project Description

In a nutshell, we are going to attempt get E.Coli to make a pit viper anti-venom. Currently, anti-venoms are made by immunizing horses with snake venom over a period of years. What we are doing is looking at a snake's (lachesis muta) own resistance to its venom. We are going to engineer E.Coli in such a way that some produce Phospholipase A2 (one of the venom's toxic components) and the others produce beta-Phospholipase Inhibitor (the inhibitor against the toxic component). We will then see if the inhibitor can act on the phospholipase, and from there try and suggest a therapeutic effect through more trials and experiments. Then, if we have time, further research could be done to see if we can find other lethal enzymes in the venom and counteract them with their associated inhibitors. Ideally, one could make a "cocktail" of these inhibitors that could be administered as a venom treatment.

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