Team:NU Kazakhstan

Nazarbayev University Team

Project Abstract

Prevention of Dental Caries by Targeting Streptococcus mutans Mechanisms of Quorum Sensing and Production of Lactic Acid

Streptococcus mutans is the most widely accepted cause of dental caries. ComX stimulates transcription of genes essential for competence. However, there is a chance to reduce ComX level by overexpressing its novel antagonist, XrpA. A highly expressed level of XrpA protein leads to decreased biofilm formation. Our project aims two goals. The first one is to overexpress the production of XrpA in order to cease the production of ComX protein. The second one will implement CRISPR-dCas9 system in order to block the transcription of VicK gene. VicK is the gene of VicK/VicR signal transduction system in S.mutans that is responsible for acidity tolerance in bacteria. Thus, second system will combine sgRNA for VicK and dCas9 to reduce lactic acid production. Smart systems will be eliminated by blue light safety regulation system that targets origin of replication of the plasmid constructs.