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Soil Nutritional Analysis

Taking a clue from the tests field technicians perform on soil samples, "Soiled" applies color as a metric for nutritional analysis. Such sampling assesses the concentration and presence of chemicals vital to optimal growth. In contrast to most of the toxic reagents used in the industry standard, we propose the construction of a device that will utilize biological means to detect nutrient value.

What harmful reagents cannot be substituted will be minimized within a microfluidic chip housed in a mobile device with a compatible app, limiting exposure and increasing the accuracy of the results. The physical manifestation of our project will take the form of a Bio Art Installation, utilizing data taken from NYC backyards. Various graphic charts and laboratory consumables, light sources and color-aid papers will be employed to form a cohesive aesthetic experience, in keeping with the parameters of New Media art, reflecting recent trends in urban gardening.

Color as a metric for nutritional analysis


Analyze your soil and have results at your fingertips instantly.


Processing reagents are enclosed within the device, safely away from the user and the environment.


Get lab grade results in your own backyard.

Winner: Best Art & Design Project

Our project, Soiled, won a gold medal for the Best Art & Design Project during the iGEM 2015 Giant Jamboree.

Our project was also nominated for:
- Best Integrated Human Practices
- Best Education and Public Engagement
- Best Presentation

300 iGEM teams competed for these honorable mentions.

Soiled SVA-NYC / Best Art &Design Project Award
Soiled SVA-NYC Best Art & Design Project Award

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