Team:UB Indonesia

Brawijaya University - Detection on Dengue Fever


First, we will construct an expression system of E. coli that can secrete a functional antibody fragment by means of plasmid transformation that has been fused with OsmY.

And then antibody named scFv will be put in construction kit which aimed to detect dengue virus particle in the patient’s sample rapidly and accurately. Our goal is to create cheap, easy, and suggestive kit to know whether somebody get fever caused by dengue infection.

We also designed a mobile-based software aimed to support the interpretation of detection results from our diagnostic kit. Also, to make society more aware toward how severe dengue fever is, we show some applicative information for society, which is easy-to-understand explanation about the clinical manifestation, warning sign and suggestion of dengue fever. Thus society couls also know what to do when they finding a patient with dengue-suspicion.

In addition, the software is able to retrieve data and report the results of a diagnosis that can be directly sent to the central server at the various health care with online system. This is expected to assist the government in providing data of dengue fever cases in various areas, because the medical record is still being the issue of health epidemiology. So that the government can immediately intervene quickly and accurately toward the endemic area.

The solutions we offer are expected to reduce the incidence and mortality of dengue fever in Indonesia, which we know dengue fever and its sequel, dengue hemmorhagic fever, are abundant in tropical country like our country. It is important to do so, because dengue fever could become shock form, which is lethal if we don’t act faster and earlier.