Team:IONIS Paris


The Bio Console: BactMan's Adventures

Popularization of Synthetic Biology

The Bio-Console: help BactMan to survive as long as possible

Most video games are inspired by reality to create a VIRTUAL WORLD, in order to make them more realistic. When do we expect to do the opposite? Virtual draw to play with the living to revisit and perceive the gaming world in a new way and thus to have new sensations with the game. Imagine a bacterium, that you can view on your computer screen and that you can control using your joystick.

The Bio-Console: the first game console, where the games will not be so virtual!

The mobile application: Biology, Synthetic Biology & Safety!

Follow BactMan : from the human's bowels to the iGEM laboratory. He evolves to become a super bacterium and bring the world all the innovations of synthetic biology ! To succeed, you will need to be ingenious and to discover the workings of biology. Progress, explore and help BactMan along his trip and overcome the challenges on your way.

Races, puzzles, speed games : biology and being a bacteria have never been so funny!

A Multidisciplinary Project

  • Playful
  • Engineering
  • Microfluidics
  • Computer Sciences
  • Safety issues

13 Members

3 Schools

1 Bio-Console

1 Mobile Application

What is iGEM ?