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Josephina Hendrix and Daren Kraft designed the project and worked with Michael Brasino (adviser) to order the necessary DNA.

Cameron Whiteside was our outreach man, working extensively with companies and environmentalists to gain insight into the fracking issues.

Wet lab work was conducted primarily by Michael Donovan, Naomi Iverson, and Hannah Young. Some cloning was done by Josephina Hendrix and Daren Kraft.

The wiki was made by Josephina Hendrix.

Outside assistance

Michael Brasino used the fluorimeter in the biochemistry core which is run by Annette Erbse.

Equipment was lent by the Python Project with the help of Leslie Leinwand and Pamela Harvey.

The flow cytometry was done in the cell culture facility with the help of Theresa Nahreini.

We would also like to thank members of the Dowell Lab for donating space, lending materials, and miscellaneous guidance.

The following iGEM teams contributed their opinions to our fracking video: DTU Denmark, Macquarie, Birkbeck, and IIT Kharagpur.

DNA from outside sources

Addgene supplied us with the plasmid containing the BxbI integrase under a pBAD promoter.

The genetic switches were ordered from IDT

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