Team:Columbia NYC/Sponsors


The Columbia University NYC Team would not have been possible without all the support received throughout the course of the iGEM competition. As a result, we would like to take the time and space to properly acknowledge and thank our sponsors!

We received tremendous support from a range of departments and organizations at Columbia University. The logistical and financial aid that they provided has helped us along tremendously and a team would simply not have been possible without them. Specifically, we would like to give a shoutout to the Wang Lab at Columbia University Medical Center and its Principal Investigator, Dr. Harris Wang, for providing us with the space, equipment, and support needed to carry out experiments and for spearheading the effort to establish a Columbia iGEM team, respectively.

In addition to support from those at Columbia University, we have also received tremendous support from companies involved in the fields of synthetic biology. For this, we are extremely grateful as the help they provided us has allowed our project to proceed along more efficiently. As such, we hope that this is only the beginning of a lasting relationship between and us for the years to come.