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All plasmid and primer design, cloning, gels, minipreps, assays, etc. were performed by the Harvard iGEM Team.

We'd like to thank everyone who helped us with our project.

General support

Thanks to our mentors Chris and Isaac for running microbiology boot camp first week of lab and answering our lab technique questions throughout.

Project support and advice

Thanks to our faculty advisor Professor Neel Joshi for encouraging us and helping us troubleshoot and plan throughout our project.

Fundraising help and advice

Thanks to our sponsors for their generous funding.

Lab support

Thanks to the members of the Joshi and Silver Labs for hosting us and answering all of our questions.

Difficult technique support

Thanks to Gary Cuneo for his help with microscopy, flow cytometry, and data analysis. Thanks to Srivatsan Raman for his advice on protein modeling. Thanks to Isaac for teaching us tissue culture.

Project advisor support

Thanks to Chris, Isaac, Neel, Matt, and Marika for their invaluable advice throughout our project.

Presentation coaching

Thanks to the Joshi Lab and the NEGEM teams for listening to our practice presentations and giving us feedback.

Policy and Practices support

Thanks to Dr. Ritz, Dr. Sonis, Dr. Shulman, and Dr. Kronish for sharing their expertise.

The Joshi and Silver Labs

  • Neel Joshi
  • Isaac Plant
  • Chris Wintersinger
  • Matt Niederhuber
  • Marika Ziesack
  • Peter Nguyen
  • Anna Duraj-Thatte
  • Zsofia Botyanski
  • Richie Tay
  • Trevor Nash
  • Pichet Praveschotinunt


  • Dr. Jerome Ritz
  • Dr. Stephen Sonis
  • Dr. Lawrence Shulman
  • Dr. Daniel Kronish


Massachusetts Institute of Technology | Northeastern University
| Tufts University | Worcester Polytechnic Institute |
University of Massachusetts Amherst | Wellesley University | Boston University


  • Harvard University
  • Harvard Medical School
  • John A. Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences
  • Wyss Institute

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