Team:Harvard BioDesign/Results

Prologue by HTML5 UP


Created a modular platform for bacterial adhesion Engineered type 1 pili to bind to nickel, stainless steel, and Caco2 colon cancer cells

Bronze Medal Requirements

  • ✔ register for iGEM, have a great summer, attend the Giant Jamboree
  • ✔ complete the Judging Form
  • ✔ created a wiki and documented parts on the Registry
  • ✔ made a poster and present at the Jamboree
  • ✔ create an attribution page
  • ✔ document 14 new biobricks

Silver Medal Requirements

  • ✔ experimentally validated biobricks through binding assays with nickel, stainless steel, and CaCo2 cells
  • ✔ submit 12 biobricks to the Registry
  • ✔ address Policy & Practices by considering the safety of our system and discussing it with experts

Gold Medal Requirements

  • ✔ integrated Policy & Practices by transforming into Nissle
  • ✔ collaborated with WPI by testing their antifreeze assay and having them do a biofilm formation assay on our pili; attended two NEGEM meetings with the other New England teams
  • ✔ improved the characterization of BBa_K902065 and documented it on the parts page