The MIT iGEM team collaborated with the University of Georgia to help with the measurement of mCherry and protein concentration in an extract from M. maripaludis. The MIT team used the required plate reader and accompanied software to measure mCherry and protein concentration. The given samples were suspended in 25mM PIPES buffer at pH 6.8. As instructed, a designated extract from the set of 30 extracts was serially diluted to find the correct excitation wavelength for the plate reader. The goal of the collaboration was to contribute to the multitude of data points that the University of Georgia was looking to collect. We sent our data back to the team for analysis. We are glad that we could help with their project.

The MIT IGEM also collaborated with the Wellesley-The Tech team to help test the prototype of their system intended on educating the public on how synthetic biology could eventually make colonization of another planet possible. We also aided them in giving feedback for their data visualization of personal genetic information.