Welcome to UGA-Georgia iGEM 2015!

We have four exciting projects presented below!

RBS library

Project1- To create a library of Ribosome Binding Site (RBS) sequences for varying protein expression level in M. maripaludis

Achievement1- Experimentally characterized 13 archaeal RBS mutants

Archaeal Collaboration Study

Project2- Establish the reproducibility, reliability and accessibility of our fluorescent measurements

Achievement2- Created an Archaeal Collaboration Study joined by 9 iGEM teams to obtain a community data for in-depth analysis.

 RBS modelling

Project3- Determine whether expression levels predicted for bacterial models would apply to Archaea

Achievement3- No correlation observed between predicted expression levels by UTR designer and our experimental results.

 Geraniol modelling

Project4- Model production of geraniol and biomass

Achievement4- In silico modeled our part BBa_K1138000 in the context of flux balance analysis for improved geraniol production.