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The Macquarie University 2015 iGEM team would like to thank Macquarie University for the support they have made available for our team, including materials, laboratories and personnel. We would also like to thank everyone from the Department of Chemistry and Biomolecular Sciences (CBMS) for their continuous support and encouragement towards this year's iGEM Project. The 2015 Macquarie University iGEM Team would additionally like to thank the 2013 and 2014 Macquarie University iGEM Teams for their parts and advice in this project. We are building substantially on their projects by adding Photosystem II and completing the Chlorophyll Biosynthesis pathway


This year our iGEM team was divided into few major groups. The Chlorophyll-a Biosynthesis Team, who devoted their time to correct, verify and characterize the previously submitted biobricks; the Photosystem II Team, who designed and built the world’s first proteins for this process; the ChlH Team, who took it upon themselves to spend endless hours in the lab to ensure the completion of this core component of our project; the Modelling Team, who modelled the production of protoporphyrin-IX from ALA, and the synthesis of Photosystem II in E. coli; the Business Implementation Strategy Team, who reached out to industry and designed a portable, renewable source of H2 gas fuel; the Outreach Team, who coordinated our public engagement activities and collaborations; and the Wiki & Graphics Design Team, who built and updated our wiki. To learn more about each member of our iGEM team, please visit our team page.

Instructors and Advisors

Our team would like to say a special thanks to our instructors and advisors:

  • Dr. Louise Brown for her constant presence and guidance in the laboratory and her input towards all areas of human practice.
  • Associate Professor Robert Willows for his invaluable laboratory input and interpretation of this year’s modeling project.
  • Professor Ian Paulsen, who prepared our team for Boston, and for continuously giving his time in both Human Practice activities and answering questions in all areas of microbial physiology.
  • Professor Nicki Packer for her help towards funding our project, and supporting our team’s emotional journey.
  • Dr. Jennifer Hallinan for her input and continuous support towards our modeling project.
  • Edward Moh for constantly pushing us towards success, for his endless hours spent in the lab and answering any questions about chlorophyll-a and synthetic biology in general.
  • Michael Gibbs for leading this year's Photosystem II Team, and the endless hours he spent in the lab supervising and answering any question put forward by our team members.
  • Amit Bhattacharjee is one of our key advisors for this year's team, we would like to thank him for his continuous support and endless hours spent guiding our team’s human practice activities.
  • Thi Huynh for the amazing ability to find any and all laboratory materials needed by this year’s iGEM Team and her friendly support around the clock.
  • Rob Hewetson, who devoted many hours towards this year's Business Implementation Project.

Additional Acknowledgements

Our team would additionally like to thank the following people and institutions for their support:

  • Professor Helena Nevalainen for her constant input towards the design of our prototype.
  • Mark Tran for the constant supervision in the labs and his encouragement towards our project.
  • Dr. Liette Vandine who grew E. coli cells for our displays at the Macquarie University Open Day.
  • University of Sydney, Oxford University, Birkbeck University and Linköping University for sending a video of their contestants for the third episode of So You Think You Can Synthesise - Season 2
  • Rachael Ward, a rural consumer of self-generated power, for spending hours talking to our team about the business implementation strategy and how the prototype would affect her life.
  • Dr. Stephen Schuck, Manager of Bioenergy Australia; Gavin Hughes, CEO, Biofuels Association of Australia; Andrew Gilbert, Bioplatforms Australia; Gavan Knox, Managing Director, Hydrogen Fuel Systems; Dr. Tevor Davies, Partner, Allens Patent & Trademark Attorneys; Dr. Andrew Jones, Principal, Foundry Intellectual Property; for all the time and effort these corporations have given to facilitate the implementation of our prototype.


Finally, we would specifically like to thank our generous sponsors:


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