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Humans of Macquarie iGEM

These are the stories of the students who inhabit the Macquarie_Australia iGEM labs and write-up room.

ChlH Team

Arazu Aghariya

"I am Arazu, completing BSc, majoring in biomolecular sciences and chemistry. I am strongly interested in Biomolecular Sciences. Chemistry is more to challenge myself to do something while being out of my comfort zone. I am also interested in synthetic biology, as it is more fun and quite challenging at the same time. I am glad to be a part of this iGEM 2015 team."

(Arazu Aghariya - Sydney, Australia)

Ben Campbell

"I am studying to teach science, while engaging the community with science events and activities. Scientific interests include molluscs, transgenic organisms and immortality."

(Ben Campbell - Sydney, Australia)
Louise Metcalfe

"I have a particular inclination towards genomics and cell biology, which has prompted my curiosity regarding the workings and potential of synthetic biology. Playing a part in exploring that field sounds a greatly engaging challenge. I’m additionally interested in organic and medicinal chemistry (and the ancient Roman Republic)."

(Louise Metcalfe - Sydney, Australia)
Natasha Delgado

"I’ve never wanted to do anything other than research (besides be an astronaut when I was really young). At this point it would feel unnatural to be doing anything else. As an aspiring future bioengineer, I want to contribute to the ‘Synthetica’ domain of life and engineer microorganisms that can perform any task to literally change the way we live. Outside science my interests include pole dancing, aerial circus, video games and Japanese. I also work part time as a carer at a retirement village."

(Natasha Delgado - Sydney, Australia)

Shivangi Chand

"I love being in the lab! Recently I have been a part of the team working on the troublesome ChlH gene of the chlorophyll biosynthesis pathway."

(Shivangi Chand - Sydney, Australia)

Chlorophyll Biosynthesis Pathway Team

Cameron Bayer

"I am currently studying a BSc majoring in Biomolecular Sciences and participating in CBMS330 2015 iGEM. In the next year I am adding a Bachelor of Education (Secondary) to my study plan. I hope to pass on my enthusiasm and knowledge of the sciences to future students, as past teachers have done for me."

(Cameron Bayer - Sydney, Australia)
Cherin Nazha

"I’m currently completing my final year in a Bachelor of Medical Sciences. Throughout this degree I’ve developed immense wonder and appreciation of genetic engineering. The ability to manipulate DNA poses infinite possibilities to further research and revolutionise life on Earth. Biomolecular sciences and synthetic biology are advancing rapidly, and I am eager to see what awaits us in the future."

(Cherin Nazha - Sydney, Australia)

Chris Georgiou

"For me, the best part about studying three majors (chemistry, biomolecular science and human biology) is the opportunity to satisfy my interests in a variety of scientific disciplines which will hopefully provide me with a strong foundation to pursue a career in human physiology. As well as being a fanatical San Antonio Spurs supporter, I have developed an explosive passion in electronic dance music making me a perfect candidate for full-time lab DJ! Life motto: Turn up the speakers!"

(Chris Georgiou - Sydney, Australia)

Garo Mazmanian

"I am a medical science student and plan to do postgraduate studies, possibly in biomolecular research. I am an avid car enthusiast and would love to contribute to our iGEM project since H2 gas could be the future of environmentally sustainable automobiles."

(Garo Mazmanian - Sydney, Australia)
Dinh Tang

"The lab is where it's at for me! I've been spending heaps of time helping to complete the chlorophyll biosynthesis pathway within E. coli!"

(Dinh Tang - Sydney, Australia)
Liam Steed

"During the break between first and second semester I spent nearly every day in the lab because I wanted to help the project progress. I made an off-hand comment once "these gels are not going to run themselves" and the rest of the team haven't let me live that down!"

(Liam Steed - Sydney, Australia)

Phillip Yu

"Hello friends! My name is Phillip and I'm studying a Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Education at Macquarie University. I'm strongly interested in science and teaching it. Science can be interesting but depends on how you approach and to engage more students in science is the true purpose of a science teacher."

(Phillip Yu - Sydney, Australia)

Remy Shergill

"I've gone through my degree with the aim of ending up in cancer research, but I'm not sure if that's for me anymore. I have a growing passion for climate science, so it looks like I have many, many more essays to write as a student than I'd hoped."

(Remy Shergill - Sydney, Australia)
Rosalee McMahon

"Hi I'm Rosie! I love biomolecular science, structural genomics and human biology. I would love to visit the Australian Synchrotron in Melbourne and contribute to structural protein discoveries. Anything DNA-related is my jam and I am so excited to be part of the Macquarie iGEM team this year."

(Rosalee McMahon - Sydney, Australia)

Photosystem II Team

David Hickel

"I have been working on the very exciting photosystem II component of our project! Doing real scientific research is vastly different to your average practical class; nobody knows what the results will be!"

(David Hickel - Sydney, Australia)

Justin Clark

"I have been busy in the lab working on the new section of our project - Photosystem II. I like to listen to music as I work and have been providing the tunes for the team."

(Justin Clark - Sydney, Australia)
Sean Barton

"I am a B. Medical Sciences student, with a biomolecular sciences major. I am very interested in molecular biology and will potentially do a Master of Research in it. I'm really enjoying iGEM due to its hands-on nature."

(Sean Barton - Sydney, Australia)
Thomas Rose

"Being born with cystic fibrosis didn't present the greatest of prospects during the 80's, but thanks to science and a double lung transplant 4 years ago, I have been given a second chance. I woke up extremely grateful and feeling a strong desire to earn my gift and contribute to the world in any way, no matter how great or small. These are my first tentative steps."

(Thomas Rose - Sydney, Australia)

Zachary Blood

"While I am working towards a career in medicine, I am interested in the applications of synthetic biology in tackling global issues, such as the search for renewable energies. I enjoy lab work, candlelit dinners, and long walks on the beach."

(Zachary Blood - Sydney, Australia)

Protein Expression Team

James Ganner

"I'm a medical sciences student, aiming to study to be a genetic counsellor in the future. I also have a keen interest in synthetic biology and how it can be used to provide phenomenal remedies to global environmental, economic and health issues - hence, our project's aim of sustainably producing hydrogen gas suits me to a T!"

(James Ganner - Sydney, Australia)

Lauren Wunder

"I am a biomolecular science student who is small and sweet - but more sweet than small and I plan to do postgraduate studies in the biomolecular science area. iGEM has provided me with an insight into all things genetic, which is the area I wish to pursue for my future career."

(Lauren Wunder - Sydney, Australia)
Samantha Harris

"Previously I studied mechanical and mechatronic engineering but I changed to a Bachelor of Science majoring in biomolecular sciences and human biology. I enjoy synthetic biology for the endless applications and microbiology for discovering deadly microbes my animals could be infecting me with. Despite this, I'm still aspiring to be a crazy cat lady, hopefully with less crazy and more cat... but I doubt it. I also love to mix cupcakes and science. Wherever I am, the cake is not a lie!"

(Samantha Harris - Sydney, Australia)

Modelling Team

Ahmed Dehan

"I am currently in my last semester of a Bachelor of Medical Science here at Macquarie. I am from Bangladesh, a small country in South Asia with great potential. Macquarie University has provided me the chance to study here with a 100% fee remission scholarship for which I am eternally grateful to them. I believe if we can utilise our knowledge and abilities we all can contribute to make the world a better place. I dream to study further and excel in the field of medicine so that I can do greater good on a huge scale."

(Ahmed Dehan - Sydney, Australia)
Anna Kosmynina

"Science (and Arts!) student by day and science communicator and debater by night. You'd assume that the intersection of the Venn diagram of my three majors of biomolecular sciences, politics, and philosophy would lead me to investigating the ethics of bio-warfare or something of that ilk, but I in fact look forward to an exciting and challenging career in science communication and engagement! I am thrilled to be part of this year's iGEM team to be able to work with a team of my peers, learn about other teams' projects, and to be able to experience an international science engagement initiative."

(Anna Kosmynina - Sydney, Australia)

Pascal Helson

"I have been in Sydney for a couple of weeks now. A really nice city where people are very cool, even if I don’t always understand them :) But I am improving my English thanks to my new friends - whether with an Australian accent or not! I am a French student and I came here to do my "summer" - e.g. winter in Australia - internship to improve my experience in mathematical modelling, practise synthetic biology in the lab, and win the SYTYCS competition, of course..."

(Pascal Helson - Sydney, Australia)

Business Implementation Strategy Team

Ben Peacock

"Apart from being a contestant in "So You Think You Can Synthesise" and spending time in the lab, I have also been working on our Business Implementation Strategy. I've been having some very insightful conversations with various industry experts!"

(Ben Peacock - Sydney, Australia)

Lachlan McBride

"I like looking at the big picture. I have been heavily involved in the Business Implementation Strategy - and not just because I love cold calling."

(Lachlan McBride - Sydney, Australia)
Meghan Cook

"Interested in synthetic biology for the innovations it could lead to for medical science and the management of environmental health and resources. Other scientific interests include immunology and infectious disease."

(Meghan Cook - Sydney, Australia)

Outreach Team

Edwina Buckle

"I've been working in an Infectious Disease laboratory for the last year and I love that I get to learn new techniques and approaches for understanding and answering biological problems. I especially love the ideas that iGEM has helped propagate in solving long-standing problems with novel biological solutions due to the rise of synthetic biology. I'm excited to help work towards making E. coli go green!"

(Edi Buckle - Sydney, Australia)

Natasha Hancock

"A biomolecular science major is the current energy-consuming intermediate being formed as part of my life/career pathway. I have a particular interest in molecular, and microbiology, and hope to pursue research into the microbiome and eating disorders. I am keen to explore different aspects of research through iGEM."

(Natasha Hancock - Sydney, Australia)

Wiki & Graphics Design Team

Jonathan Kennedy

"Hi my name is Jono, I'm a biomolecular science major. I am interested in molecular biology and am keen to learn more about synthetic biology!"

(Jonathan Kennedy - Sydney, Australia)
Tanya Smith

"As a mature-aged student I have a tendency to grab hold of the opportunities available at university. These include volunteering for Mentors@Macquarie, taking on the Global Leadership Program, and visiting every museum on-campus. The other day we went to our Museum of Ancient Cultures specifically to see the Egyptian mummy. Alas the display case was empty due to conservation work on the artefact... at least that's their story."

(Tanya Smith - Sydney, Australia)