In iGEM it is all about collaborating! Throughout the summer we have been in contact with multiple iGEM teams from all over the world to improve our projects, benefit from one another's ideas and also because working together is always more fun.

UCL iGEM Bootcamp Mini Jamboree

In collaboration with the London Biohackspace and Birkbeck College, we hosted an intensive, gruelling bootcamp that enlightened the attendees about various biobrick assembly protocols, biohacking, automation, and softwares associated with synthetic biology. The bootcamp culminated in a fascinating mini Jamboree, which featured all our iGEM projects, wiki and modeling tutorials, and even a DIY Spectrophotometer made in 1 week!

London iGEM Meet-up

iGEM teams around London met up on 31st of July at Birkbeck and presented the current progress of their research projects to each other, followed by a poster session and time for socialising. The teams involved were: UCL, Birkbeck, London Biohackspace, Westminster and Kent.

2014 Aalto-Helsinki Team: Blue-Light-Response Element

In order to use our constructs as personalised treatment devices, we collaborated with the Aalto-Helsinki team to use the blue-light-response element they created in 2014. The idea is to have a handheld/mobile device that can emit blue light and induce expression of out constructs when needed.

UCL iGEM 2015 Collaboration survey

This year UCL iGEM team has prepared an ambitious survey to to get the public's perception on synthetic biology, genetic engineering and probiotics. As survey was translated into 5 different languages including Spanish, French, Portuguese and German we have collaborated with iGEM teams from all around the world to collect as many data as possible as well as see how people's opinion on these topics varies from country to country.

All our collaborators received a badge to express our gratitude for the joint collaboration.The teams that collaborated with us were:

  • Brasil-USP iGEM
  • Bordeaux iGEM
  • Macquarie iGEM

2015 Oxford Team: short video assays on Synthetic biology and Health

In August 2015, members of the Oxford and UCL iGEM teams met up in London to get a grasp of the way people perceive Synthetic Biology applications in healthcare. The discussions worked as a platform for a collaboration between the Manchester-Graz, UCL and Oxford teams. In this joint initiative, they were able to gather some exciting new ideas on how to better develop an iGEM project that targets health conditions such as urinary tract infections (UTIs), schizophrenia and other mental health conditions such as anxiety and depression.

2015 Paris-Bettencourt Team: Rhizi database

We joined the Rhizi graphical database created by the Paris-Bettencourt team and received a pretty collaboration badge as a token for our appreciation.

Chang Gung University iGEM: Joint Survey

We collaborated in a joint survey about our projects with several iGEM teams from different countries.